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 Social, Economic and Political Organization of African societies upto 19th C

Economic organization of the Shona people

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Answer Text:
Economic organization of the Shona.
-The Shona country enjoyed ample rainfall with fertile soils thus enabling them to engage in the following economic activities;
a) The Shona were mixed farmers who cultivated crops and reared animals. Among the agricultural produce were corn, millet, ground nuts, beans, watermelons, tomatoes, fruits and cabbages.
b) The Shona practiced trade, specifically long-distance trade between them and the Arabs and Waswahili at sofala. They gave Gold and ivory for cotton cloths, glassware, copper items, guns, daggers and knives.
c) They were skillful hunters. They hunted elephants for their ivory which was in great demand.
d) The Shona were skilled craftsmen who made articles like spears, hoes and knives. Others were goldsmiths who used gold to decorate.