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 Social, Economic and Political Organization of African societies upto 19th C

Buganda:factors that led to the growth of a strong Buganda Kingdom.

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Answer Text:
Social, Economic and Political Organization of African Societies up to the 19Th Century.
The Buganda.
-These were a Bantu speaking people of the Buganda kingdom in Uganda. The Buganda Chiefdom had emerged as early as 140 AD as a subject state of Bunyoro- Kitara
Kingdom Origin of Buganda kingdom.
-The kingdom was crystallized around the counties of busiro, kyadondo and mawakota.
Factors that led to the growth of a strong Buganda Kingdom.
a) Good strong and able leaders like Kkyabagu, junju and Suna etc. who propelled it to prosperity by uniting the people and restructuring the existing administration system.
b) Buganda Was small and a compact kingdom and therefore easy to manage. Other kingdoms like Bunyoro-Kitara were too large with a class system.
c) Its strategic location in a defensible position in the lake region was of great advantage over her rivals Toro and Bunyoro. She lay
next to Lake Victoria giving her defense.
d) Good climate and fertile soils in the region. This enabled successful growing of Bananas, their staple crop.
e) The contacts with the Swahili enabled her to gain riches and weapons/guns.
f) The kingdom had a strong loyal army to defend it from her warring neighbors. The Kabaka even possessed a royal navy that kept guard over Lake Victoria.