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 Social, Economic and Political Organization of African societies upto 19th C

Reasons for the collapse of the Asante Empire.

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Answer Text:
Reasons for the collapse of the Asante Empire.
a) The type of political organization in the kingdom did not encourage cohesion. Some states in the provincial Asante had no attachment to the golden stool.
b) Leadership struggle between the Asante and dwaben; a neighboring rival of Asante’s state.
c) Civil wars /Constant rebellions from the conquered states /wars with other tribes e.g. war with the afante.
d) British interference in the Asante affairs through the 19th c. they had a burning desire to destroy the Asante empire and colonize the region.
e) Periodic interference with trade and trade routes as a result of wars weakened the financial position of the empire
f) The Anglo-Asante wars which the British won led to final destruction of the empire.