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 Social, Economic and Political Organization of African societies upto 19th C

Economic organization of the Baganda.

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Answer Text:
Economic organization of the Baganda.
a) Buganda’s economy was based on agriculture and the production of the staple food bananas (matoke).
b) The baganda also kept large herds of livestock. The bahima herded Kabaka’s herds. From the
livestock, they obtained milk and meat to supplement their diet.
c) The baganda conducted raids on their neighbors like the Buddu, Busoga and Kyaggwe through which they acquired slaves, livestock and ivory.
d) There was division of labor, women worked in fields while men were involved in construction of roads, bark cloth making, smithing and war.
e) The kingdom was deeply involved in local, regional and international trade. They exchanged bark cloth and beans for cattle from their neighbors
f) The baganda practiced iron working, producing hoes for cultivation and weapons for defense. Some of these items formed their trade items.
g) Handcraft was an important activity and included basketry and pottery.
h) The textile industry consisted of bark cloth manufacture.