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 Social, Economic and Political Organization of African societies upto 19th C

Economic organization of the Asante

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Answer Text:
Economic organization of the Asante
Being located in an area rich in terms of land fertility forest resources, mineral resources and rainfall, the Asante Empire thrived economically in the following ways.
a) Being located at the point of convergence of the trans-Atlantic trade routes, the Asante people participated in the trade providing gold, slaves and ivory in exchange for cotton, cloth, guns and gunpowder. They also provided middlemen and porters during the trade.
b) The Asante practiced agriculture, growing crops like yams, vegetables and fruits. They also kept livestock like cattle.
c) The community practiced gathering of Kola nuts and hunting for game meat from the forest to supplement their diet.
d) They practiced iron working and made crafts such as baskets and pots