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 Form 3 Chemistry Chlorine and Its Compounds Questions and Answers

(a) In an experiment, dry hydrogen chloride gas was passed through heated zinc turnings as shown in the diagram below.
(i) What is the function of water in the flask?
(ii) Write equations for the reactions that took place in the tubes S and V.
(iii) How would the total mass of the tube V and its contents compare before and after the experiment?Explain.
(b) Chlorine can be prepared by using the following three reagents; solid sodium chloride, concentrated sulphuric (VI) acid and potassium manganite (VII).
(i) What is the role of each of the following in the reaction?
(I) Concentrated sulphuric (VI) acid.
(II) Potassium manganite (VII).
(ii) Name the bleaching agent formed when chlorine gas is passed through cold dilute sodium hydroxide.
(iii) Name one other use of the compound formed in (ii) above other than bleaching.

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