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 Form 3 Chemistry Chlorine and Its Compounds Questions and Answers

(a) The set-up below was used to prepare dry hydrogen chloride gas, and investigate its effect on heated iron filings.
(i) Name substance L
(ii) Name liquid M.
(iii)What will be observed in tube B
(iv) Write an equation for the reaction that occurs in tube B.
(v) Why is the gas from tube B burnt?
(b) (i) Explain the following observations:
(I) a white precipitate is formed when hydrogen chloride gas is passed through aqueous silver nitrate.
(II) hydrogen chloride gas fumes in ammonia gas.
(iii) State two uses of hydrogen chloride gas.
(c) The diagram below is a representation of an industrial process for the manufacture of a bleaching powder.
(i) Name substance Q.
(ii) When the bleaching powder is added to water during washing, a lot of soap is used. Explain.

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