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Form 1 Biology Notes on Nutrition in Plants and Animals

Grade/Class: Form 1

Subject: Biology

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Form 1 Biology Notes on Nutrition in Plants and Animals.
Areas Covered:
1. Structure of the leaf.
2. Adaptations of Leaf for Photosynthesis.
3. Structure and Function of Chloroplasts.
4. Process of Photosynthesis.
5. Light-Stage and Dark-Stage of Photosynthesis.
6. Factors Influencing Photosynthesis.
7. Chemical Compounds Which Constitute Living Organisms.
8. Carbohydrates (Types, properties and functions)
9. Lipids (Properties and functions)
10. Essential and Non-Essential Amino Acids.
11. Formation of Proteins.
12. Functions of Proteins.
13. Enzymes and their properties.
14, Naming of Enzymes.
15. Factors affecting enzyme action.
16. Nutrition in Animals=Heterotrophism
17. Meaning and Types of Heterotrophism.
18. Modes of Feeding in Animals.
19. Types of Mammalian Teeth.
20. Adaptation of Teeth to Feeding.
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