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Form 1 Biology Notes on The Cell

Grade/Class: Form 1

Subject: Biology

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This document contains Form 1 Biology Notes on The Cell.
Areas Covered:
1. Introduction.
2. The Microscope.
3. Magnification.
4. Microscope Parts and Their Functions.
5. Care of a Microscope.
6. Cell Structure as Seen Through the Light Microscope.
7. The Electron Microscope.
8. Cell Structure as Seen Through Electron Microscope.
9. Comparison Between Animal Cell and Plant Cell.
10. Cell Specialisation.
11. Animal Tissues and Examples.
12. Plant Tissues and Examples.
13. Organs, Organ Systems and Organism.
14. Preparation and Observation of Temporary Slides of Plant Cells.
15. Observation of permanent slides of animal cells.
16. Observation and Estimation of Cell Size and Calculation of Magnification of
Plant Cells.


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