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Form 1 Biology Notes on Cell Physiology

Grade/Class: Form 1

Subject: Biology

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Form 1 Biology Summarized Notes on Cell Physiology.
The notes cover the following areas:
1. Meaning of cell physiology.
2. Structure and properties of cell membrane.
3. Properties of cell membrane.
4. Factors Affecting Diffusion.
5. Role of diffusion in living organisms.
6. Factors affecting osmosis.
7. Roles of osmosis in living organisms.
8. Water relations in plant and animal cells.
9. Osmotic pressure.
10. Plasmolysis.
11. Wilting.
12. Water relations in plants and animals.
13. Haemolysis.
14. Crenation.
15. Active Transport.
16. Factors affecting active transport.
17. Role of active transport in living organisms.
18 Practical activities


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