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Form 1 CRE Notes On Introduction to Christian Religious Education

Grade/Class: Form 1

Subject: CRE

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A Christian religious study as a subject is taught in both primary and secondary schools.
Religion is the service and worship of God through approved systems of beliefs, practices and patterns of behavior.
C.R.E. is therefore the study of the Religious beliefs and practices, which are based on the life, and teachings of Jesus Christ.
It tries to make us aware of God and how He reveals Himself to us.
Secondary schools C.R.E. syllabus is divided into three major areas of study: -
1. The Bible (Old and New Testaments).
2. African Religious Heritage.
3. Contemporary or modern Christian living

Reasons for studying Christian Religious Education
i). It helps to unite the people as it makes people believe that the human race is one. We view others as brothers, sisters. There by promoting the spirit of National unity. It promotes international consciousness.
ii). The subject helps to bring one up morally as it contribute to the person’s growth and maturity in life.
iii). It builds our faith in God. It enables us to develop certain principles that make us stand firm in times of problems.
iv). The subject helps one to develop a sense of self-respect and respect for others. Religious virtues will help one in making the right decision (positive Christian principles)
v). It enables Christians to be prepared to cope with social changes in modern society e.g. how to face challenges.
vi). It makes one to be a good citizen who respects the laws of the land having known that authority comes from God.
vii). It helps to appreciate the environment as God’s creation and therefore there is need to take care of it.
viii). Religious Education helps us to learn and appreciate some practices in African culture.
ix).It promotes social equality and justice. It makes people aware that they are all equal before God.
x).It helps to explain certain aspects of life that look mysterious. For example it helps us to explain things such as why people die and what happens after death.
xi). It is also a career subject it can lead us into good professions such as teaching, law, Pastoral work, guidance and counseling etc.

1. Give seven reasons why C.R.E as a subject is incorporated into curriculum in Kenyan schools today
2. State six contributions of Christian Religious Education to the development of a student
3. (a) Explain four reasons why Christian religious education is important in the Kenya educational curriculum. (b) In what five ways can teaching of C.R.E enhance national unity in Kenya?
4. a) Define Christian Religious Education.
b) Explain importance of learning Christian religious education.
5. Give reasons why Christians religious education is taught in Kenyan schools
6. (a) State why C.R.E is included in the teaching curriculum in our Kenyan schools
(b) Give six reasons for studying Christian Religious Education in Secondary schools.


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