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 Form 4 CRE lessons on Christian approach to wealth, poverty and money

Christian response to issues related to wealth and money.

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Answer Text:
Christian response to issues related to wealth and money.
Fair distribution of wealth
-A Christian has a divine duty to contribute to the welfare of his or her community and to be available for others.
-God expects Christians and other human beings to practise the values of justice,
fairness and social responsibility.
-No system can be just if it allows the accumulation of wealth in the hands of a few people, while the majority live on very little or nothing.
-Christians should have the moral courage like Nehemiah to demand transformation of society through implementation of
just economic policies that can ensure fair distribution of wealth.
-Christians in Kenya today should advocate for the cancellation of foreign debts which are crippling the nation’s economy and aggravating poverty and social economic inequality.
-They should also advocate for good governance in the
country that will ensure there is an improvement in the economy and hence result in job creation.
-One way of ensuring equitable distribution of wealth among citizens is through taxation.
-The rich may be taxed heavily to provide revenue, to support services which
can benefit the poor, for example:
-Payment of competitive salaries for civil servants
-Maintenance of law and order.
-Developing infrastructure (roads, bridges, airports, telecommunications, railways).
-Social services (water, electricity, sanitization,
sewerage, affordable housing)
-Jesus supported payment of taxes to the Roman government because it was necessary for the economic and political well being of the Roman Empire.
-Paul and Peter also advised Christians to be obedient to the rules set by the Roman
government (Romans 13:6-7;1 Peter 2:13-16).
-There should be collaboration between the government, non-governmental organizations, private sector and communities to ensure that wealth is generated justly and distributed fairly.
This can be done through:
-Providing adequate water, sanitization and energy.
-Providing free, compulsory and universal education and health care.
-Creation of jobs by the government and the private sector to ensure that majority of the people are gainfully employed.
-Educating and inculcating in people the values of hard work and proper management of time.
-Improving of working conditions to protect the rights of workers.
-Providing affordable houses for the poor and a clean environment.
-The church should appeal to the government to be accountable to the people in the way it uses the national resources and respond to the plight of the poor.
-Christians should also assist in just distribution of wealth as well as faithful administration of private and public funds.