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 Form 4 CRE lessons on Christian approach to wealth, poverty and money

What are the traditional African attitudes to wealth?

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Answer Text:
What are the traditional African attitudes to wealth?
-Traditional African attitudes to wealth and poverty are guided by the following principles:
Communal ownership of resources:
-In traditional African society, resources like land, watering places, rivers and
salt licks belong to the whole community and everyone has access to them.
-The great disparities we see in modern society between the rich and poor were unheard of.
-Generally people lived in similar houses, ate the same type of food and participated in similar activities.
-People were bound by similar social and moral values and fear of God, spirits and ancestors.
Value for human life:
-Since everyone belongs to the community, unless they are outcasts, they should be helped with food, shelter and other necessities of life.
Mutual responsibility:
-It is the duty of everyone to be concerned about the welfare of others.
Mutual sharing and reciprocity (give and take):
-Traditional African communities practice sharing and communal work.