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 Form 4 CRE lessons on Christian approach to wealth, poverty and money

The traditional African understanding of wealth

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Answer Text:
The traditional African understanding of wealth and poverty
-In traditional African communities wealth is measured in terms of the amount of land, livestock and grains possessed by an individual.
-Wealth is also valued in terms of the number of wives and children a man has.
-Wealth can be owned individually or communally.
-In traditional African communities wealth is acquired through various ways, for example:
-Wealth was also acquired through raiding other
communities for goats, sheep and cattle.
This is a method of trade that involves the exchange of actual goods and services.
Exploitation of natural resources:
For example, Natural vegetation provides people with food (fruits), honey, medicinal herbs, building
materials, seeds for making beads, weaving material and wood for carving.
In traditional African communities, farming is the main economic activity.
Many daughters are regarded as a source of wealth to their family.
-A man who has grown-up children may share wealth among them.
As a gift from God:
-Most African communities believe that wealth is a blessing from God.