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 Form 2 Geography Online Lessons on Vegetation

In this lesson we are going to discuss the mountain vegetation and the significance of vegetation

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Answer Text:
Mountain Vegetation
- Vegetation found towards the top of the mountain.

Uses of Mountain Vegetation
(a) Grasslands are used for grazing.
(b) Alpine meadows in temperate regions provide summer grazing pastures.
(c) Mountain forests provide timber, building materials, fuel wood and charcoal.
(d) Mountain forests are habitats for wild animals e.g. elephants.
(e) Mountain vegetation makes mountains to be water catchment areas.
(f) Mountain forests help to purify air by absorbing carbon dioxide and providing oxygen.
(g) Mountain vegetation is used for research.

Significance of Vegetation
(a) Forests add beauty to country’s landscape.
(b) Vegetation protects soil from erosion by wind and rainwater.
(c) Vegetation partly decays forming humus making the soil fertile.
(d) Some plants roots, barks and leaves are used for medicine.
(e) Forests modify the climate of the surrounding area by increasing rainfall and reducing temperatures.
(f) Some plants such as bamboo shoots and wild fruits are consumed as food.
(g) Some fibrous plants such as sisal and jute are used for making ropes, sacks, mats, etc.
(h) Latex from rubber tree is used for manufacture of rubber used in tire manufacture.