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 Form 2 Geography Online Lessons on Vegetation

In this lesson we are going to discuss the Tropical Monsoon Forests, their characteristics, location and uses

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Answer Text:
Tropical Monsoon Forests
1. S.W and S coast of Mexico
2. Parts of India, Bangladesh,
Burma, Vietnam and
3. Monsoon lands of Australia
• Most trees shed leaves
during dry season and grow
during hot wet season.
• Smaller number of tree
species than tropical rain
• Tall species of trees rising
up to 30m.
• Trees don’t grow together.
• Trees have more branches
because of light penetrating at
lower levels.
• Denser undergrowth than
tropical rain forests.
• Particular species of trees
dominate an area
(pure/definite stands) e.g.
- Leak in Burma
- Sal in India
- Eucalyptus in Queensland
- Bamboo in S.E Asia
• Dominant tree species are
leak, bamboo, acacia,
camphor, ebony, Sapele and
Uses of tropical Monsoon
(a) Teak in Burma and
Thailand is used for building
houses and boats because it’s
hard and resistant to termites.
(b) Bamboo and rattan creeper
are used for making furniture,
baskets and weaving.
(c) Young tender shoots of
bamboo are consumed as