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 Form 2 Geography Online Lessons on Vegetation

In this lesson we are going to discuss the Mangrove Forests, their location, characteristics and uses

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Answer Text:
Mangrove Forests
-Found in low lying muddy
coasts of tropical seas with
shallow salty waters.
1. Along the east coast of
2. Near the estuary of Amazon
River in S. America.
• Dominated by mangrove
trees and 30 other species of
• Mangrove trees have special
roots which are partly aerial to
aid breathing.
Some grow horizontally and
then vertically downwards
into mud while some grow
horizontally in mud and bend
upwards to aid breathing and
others have network of roots
resembling stilts.
Uses of mangrove Forests
1. Mangrove trees provide
tannin used for tanning
2. Mangrove poles are used
for building and construction
because they are very strong.
3. Mangrove trees are also
used for firewood.
4. Mangrove forests are
habitats for marine life used
for tourist attraction