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 Form 2 Geography Online Lessons on Vegetation

In this lesson we are going to discuss The Temperate Evergreen Forests, their characteristics, location and uses

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Answer Text:
Temperate Evergreen Forests
- Found in areas experiencing warm temperate eastern margin or China Climate.
1. Along Natal coast in S. Africa
2. S. china and S. Japan
3. S.E Australia
4. S.E and S. states of U.S.A.

• Evergreen because of abundant rainfall throughout the year.
• Most trees have broad leaves to increase the surface are for efficient transpiration.
• Many evergreen trees are hardwoods.

(a) Hard woods such as oak and iron wood are used for furniture and building materials.
(b) Soft woods such as cypress and pines are used for furniture.
(c) Wattle trunks are used in the coal mines of natal.
(d) Bamboo is used for making furniture and building in China and Japan.
(e) Walnuts provide nuts used for making chocolate.
(f) Ivory nuts are used for making buttons.
(g) Young shoots of bamboo are eaten as vegetables in china and Japan