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 Form 2 Geography Online Lessons on Vegetation

In this lesson we are going to discuss the Mediterranean Forest, their location, characteristics and uses

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Answer Text:
Mediterranean Forests
1. S. Europe and N. Africa areas bordering Mediterranean Sea.
2. Around Cape Town on S.W end of Africa.
3. Central coast of California.
4. Around Perth in S.W Australia.
• Forests are open woodlands.
• Many trees are deciduous.
• Some trees are evergreen e.g. oak
• There is woody scrub vegetation in areas which are dry and with poor soils which is called marquis in France,
Chaparral in California and Machia in Italy.
• Many plants are sweet smelling (aromatic) e.g. rosemary, lavender, oleander, broom and myrtle.
• Many trees are xerophytes e.g. cactus
- Trees have long tap roots to reach the water deep below during long dry spells.
- Waxy leaves to reduce transpiration
- Storing water in their thick leaves or stems
- Small spiny leaves
• Types of trees are olive, sweet chestnut, beech, cedar, cypress, sequoia, eucalyptus
(a) Cork oak is used to make corks for bottling wine.
(b) Olive tree fruits are used for cooking and extraction of olive oil.
(c) Timber from sweet chest nut, beech, cedar, cypress and pine is used for building houses and making furniture.
(d) Shrubs and grasses are used as pasture for goats.