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Class 8 IRE Term 3 Exams 2022

Class: Class 8

Subject: IRE

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 8 Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

TERM 3 2022

1. The following are favors of Allah (s.w) upon the prophets (p.b.u.h). All of them are mentioned in Surah Inshallah EXCEPT ?one, which one?
A. Removed burdens from him
B. Raised his fame
C. Lifted up his heart
D. Gave him riches
2. Among the Angels who fill the earth as a sign of peace during Lailatul Qadr is
A. The Ruh
B. The Maslakul Maut
C. The Malakein
D. Kiraan Kaatebiin
3. All the following information are true as mentioned in surah Al –Zulzala EXCEPT?
A. Men will appear bright with folded
B. The earth will be inspired to give out secrets
C. The man will question “what’s the matter?”
D. The earth will shake with final earthquake
4. The Muslims are not allowed to eat from all the following meat EXCEPT one. Which one? Animals
A. Gored by the horns of other animals
B. That dies after falling from a height
C. That dies from the hunters hook
D. Partly eaten by the wild animal
5. Which one of the following things punches the mind of a believer according to the hadith? A
A. Doubt
B. Disappointment
C. Denial
D. Sin
6. Which one of the following is a way of appreciating a Muslim who does well in a given activities
A. Inshallah
B. Maashallah
C. Jazaakallah
D. Ahsantum
7. The prophet (S.A.W) informed us that removes sins from the body just like leaves
A. Udhi
B. Swallah
C. Hajj
D. Virtues
8. The prophet once referring to a Sunna Prayer said, Allah (s.w) is one and He loves
A. Tahajjud
B. Dhuha
C. Witr
D. Istikhaara
9. Which one of the following is NOT among the four rites of a Mayyit, in Islamic Shariah?
A. Grieving
B. Washing
C. Burying
D. Prayer
10. Each time the muslims pray for their dead Mayyit, the angels responds by saying ?
A. Takbiir
B. Maashallah
C. Takabbal min- hu
D. Aamiin
11. Who among the following is NOT mentioned in among the recipient of Zakkat? A
A. Debtor
B. Matyre
C. Slave
D. New convert
12. Any good service you render to your brother Muslim Allah (s.a) will reward you Yaumul Qiyama
A. Beyond imaginations
B. A similar service
C. Another better service
D. Without Hisaab
13. Which one of the following activities MUST one face away from Qbla when performing it, according to Islamic teachings? When
A. Praying swallah
B. Slaughtering an animal
C. Toileting
D. Preforming Udhu
14. Which one of the following forms of Imaam should NOT among Muslims?
A. Zuhud
B. Hasad
C. Tawakkul
D. Taqwa
15. Which duty is carried out by the Kiraaman Kaatibin Angels?
A. Recording our deeds
B. Taking away souls
C. Questioning in the grave
D. Taking care of Hells gates
16. From which town did the Banu Thaqif Youth attack and hurt the prophet (p.b,u,h? From
A. Taif
B. Qubaa
C. Yaithrib
D. Syria
17. Which one of the following choices correctly show the CORRECT Edda period that a woman who lost her husband will last inTaaziyya?
A. 3months
B. 4months 10days
C. 4months
D. 3 months 10days
18. Which one of the following is classified as a thick Najis?
A. Saliva of a dog
B. Milk of animals that we do not eat their meat
C. Urine of an infant baby boy
D. All faeces
19. The prophet (saw) wa taken to isra –Wal –Miraj mainly to
A. Seek Alla’s protection
B. Give him relief after losing his uncle and the wife
C. Count the gift Allah bestowed upon him
D. Meet with other prophets
20. Below are the rites of the deceased, which one should be performed last
A. Dafan
B. Taaziyah
C. Salat
D. Kafan
21. In bribery, who among the following people is not cursed for corruption? The
A. Mediator
B. Giver
C. Receiver
D. One who advocates against it
22. Which one of the following battles in Islam was fought without bloodshed?
A. Badr
B. Uhud
C. Khandaq
D. Khunein
23. During the first year of Islam, the Quraish made life unbearable for the Muslims in Makkah, where did the prophet suggest for them to migrate to?
A. Madinah
B. Jerusalem
C. Ethiopia
D. Iraq
24. In which month was the prophet Muhammad (saw) given the command of the five daily prayer?
A. Muharram
B. Rajab
C. Dhul Qaadah
D. Dhul Hijjah
25. The following are are sources of islamic Shariah; Quran,Hadith,Ijmah,Qiyas. Which one is the best applicable when deducing on the opinion of the scholars?
A. Qu’ran
B. Hadith
C. Ijmah
D. Quiyas
26. Who among the following planned to kill Nabii Issa (as)?
A. The Jews and Romans
B. The romans and Greeks
C. The Persians and Romans
D. The Greeks and Persians
27. Which prophet of Allah was given a test of living inside a whale?
A. Nuh
B. Ibrahim
C. Yunus
D. Yusuf
28. For how long was the treaty of Hudaibiyah supposed to last?
A. 10 years
B. 25years
C. 23years
D. 12year
29. According to the hadith of the prophet (saw). How many people has Allah (sw) cursed for involving in Khamr (alcohol)?
A. Three
B. Four
C. Ten
D. Five
30. Three of the following are early visitors to the East Africa, who among them introduced trade
A. Portuguese
B. Arabs
C. Italians
D. British


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