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Class 8 CRE Term 3 Exams 2022

Class: Class 8

Subject: CRE

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 8 Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

STD 8 C.R.E TERM 3 2022

1. Which of the following shows the correct order of creation according to genesis story of creation chapter 1
A. Day 2 – earth sea and plants
B. Day 3 - sea creatures and birds of the air
C. Day 4 - heavenly bodies
D. Day 5 - land animals both domestic and wild
2. The sign of the covenant that God made with Abraham was?
A. Circumcision
B. Sacrifice
C. Rainbow
D. Flames of fire
3. Who among the following people advised Moses to appoint Judges who could help him in settling dispute
A. Joshua
B. Aaron
C. Jethro
D. Jezebel
4. During their journey to the Promised Land, the Israelites came to a certain place and they could not drink the water there because it was bitter. What was the name of the place
A. Shua
B. Mardh
C. Moab
D. Rephidim
5. In which one of the following ways did King David misuse his leisure time? He
A. Fought and killed Goliath
B. Run away from kind soul
C. Committed adultery with Bathsheba
D. Played the harp for king soul
6. Who among the following prophets prophesied that messiah would be born in Bethlehem?
A. Micah
B. Joel
C. Isaiah
D. Zachariah
7. Do not be afraid, I bring you good news of joy that will be for all the people. This words were spoken by the angels to __
A. Wise men
B. Mary and Joseph
C. Merchants
D. Shepherds
8. Worship the lord your God and serve him only Luke 4:8. this words were said by Jesus during
A. His temptation
B. His baptism
C. Sermon on the Mount
D. Crusification
9. Who among the following prophets prophesied about the killing of the baby boys in Israel by king Herode during the birth of Jesus?
A. Jeremiah
B. Isaiah
C. Micah
D. Joel
i. he was the most successful king of Israel
ii. he brought the ark of covenant to Jerusalem
iii. united all the tribes of Israel
iv. made Jerusalem the Centre of worship
Who among the following kings of Israel is described above?
A. David
B. Saul
C. Solomon
D. Jeroboam
11. Which one of the following statement why Abraham is called the father of faith
A. He was kind to his nephew Lot
B. He was blessed by God
C. His name was changed from Abraham to Abram
D. He agreed to sacrifice his only son Isaac
12. Which of the following ten commandment given to Moses by God shows that marriage should be honored
A. Do not accuse anyone falsely
B. Observe the Sabbath day and keep it holy
C. Do not commit murder
D. Do not commit adultery
13. Which one of the following was John the Baptist message to the tax collectors? Not to __
A. Accuse anyone falsely
B. Pretend to be holy than other people
C. Take anything from anyone forcefully
D. Collect more than what required
14. Which one of the following parables of Jesus teaches Christians on praying without ceasing
A. Pharisee and the tax collector
B. Widow and unjust judge
C. Unmerciful servant
D. The Good Samaritan
15. Which one among the following gift of the holy spirit helps one to believe on the things we can see
A. Prophesy
B. Faith
C. Faithfulness
D. Speaking in tongues
16. Jesus told his disciples to wait for the Holy Spirit in the town of?
A. Bethany
B. Nazareth
C. Bethlehem
D. Jerusalem
17. When Jesus approached the town of bethphage to the mount of Olives he sent two of his disciples to the village head to bring him a colt Mark 11: 1- 11. Who among the following disciples did he sent
A. John and James
B. Peter and James
C. Peter and john
D. Andrew and John
18. According t African traditional communities, which one of the following statements about marriage is not correct
A. Marriage among the same clan members was forbidden
B. Marriage without a child was considered incomplete
C. Monogamy type of marriage was strictly observed
D. The main reason of marriage was procreation
19. Bravin a class 8 pupil was sent to buy milk by his mother; the shopkeeper gave him more balance. Bravin took the money and kept it to himself. Which one of the following Christian values did he lack?
A. Obedience
B. Tolerance
C. Honesty
D. Patience
20. Churches continue to support education by doing three of the following practices except?
A. Donating money
B. Providing spiritual guidance
C. Managing some schools
D. Recruiting them to security councils
21. Three of the following statement explains why certain children are involved in child labor. Which one is not?
A. Neglect from family
B. Death of the parent
C. Excess wealth at home
D. Poverty in their linage
22. The last book in the Old Testament is?
A. Haggai
B. Habakkuk
C. Malachi
D. Joel
23. When Europeans arrived in Kenya they first __
A. Built mission centers
B. Built the railway line
C. Wrote new bibles
D. Took fertile land from Africans
24. When an angel appear to Zachariah, he was__
A. Praying in the house
B. Fishing in Lake Galilee
C. Threshing wheat at a secret place
D. Offering sacrifice at the temple
25. Kind David disobeyed God when he?
A. Planned for the murder on an innocent person
B. Took Naboth Vineyard
C. Married many foreign wives
D. Killed goliath
26. The disciples got the power of the holy spirit ,_
A. On the day Jesus resurrected
B. Ten days after Jesus ascended to heaven
C. When they were on their way to Emmaus
D. Forty days after Jesus resurrection
27. How many brothers did Joseph the son of Jacob have?
A. 11
B. 12
C. 10
D. 9
28. God punished people during the time of Noah because
A. They were too many
B. They were wicked and violent
C. They were building a tall tower
D. They refuse to multiply
29. We can take care of trees by?
A. Replacing those cut
B. Using them for fuel
C. Eating their fruit
D. Cutting them when they are too many

30. John saw ripped mango in someone’s farm, he went and pick a few. Which of the following commandments did he disobeyed
A. Do not steal
B. Do no kill
C. Honor your father and mother
D. Worship no other God but me


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