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Class 8 Science Term 3 Exams 2022

Class: Class 8

Subject: Science

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 8 Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary


1. Which one of the following best describes the definition of fertilization in plants?
A. Is the transfer of pollen grain from the anther to the stigma
B. Is the transfer of pollen grain from the stigma to the anther
C. It is the union of the ovum and the sperm in the oviduct
D. Is the movement of molecules from the anther to the stigma
2. Which of the following is not a function of placenta?
A. Produce hormones to maintain pregnancy
B. Transfer of water products from the foetus to mother’s blood
C. Supply food from mother’s blood to foetus
D. Digest food from the stomach to mother’s blood
3. Which one of the following is a good conductor of heat?
A. Nails, pins, wire
B. Pines, wire plastics
C. Wood, nails, wire
D. Plastics , wood glass
4. Which blood vessels carry blood from the heart to the lung
A. Pulmonary vein
B. Pulmonary artery
C. Venacava
D. Aorta
5. Which of the following pairs consists only of inclined planes?
A. Wheelbarrow and see –saw
B. Road winding up a hill and a stare case
C. Ladder and see-saw
D. Wheelbarrow and stare case
6. Why is it advised to spray against wind direction when applying herbicides
A. To protect you from inhaling the herbicide
B. To make spraying go faster
C. To scare away rodents
D. To conserve time
7. Desert plants have thick waxy cuticle to.
A. Store manufactured food
B. Reduce water loss
C. Allow breathing to take place
D. Take much water
8. The diagram below represents a weather chart prepared by pupils at Oriwo primary school

Which one of the following statement is TRUE about the weather chart?
A. Whenever it was sunny it was also calm
B. It rained only in the afternoons
C. Whenever it was rainy it was also windy at the same time
D. It only rained in calmed conditions
9. Which one of the following groups of the planets is in CORRECT order in terms of distance from the sun?
A. Venus, mass earth
B. Mars, Neptune, Uranus
C. Jupiter, Satan, Uranus
D. Earth, Satan, Jupiter
10. To save a person who has touched an exposed electric wire one should
A. Poor cold water on the person
B. Pull the person from the wire
C. Push the person away using dry wood
D. Shake the person vigorously
11. Which one of the following diagrams represents what is observed when water is poured into a tin can with holes of the same at different depths?
12. Which one of the following is TRUE about the instrument below
A. Used to tell the speed of wind
B. Has two open ends
C. Points where the wind is blowing
D. Should be kept under shed
13. Which one of the following is not found in tobacco smoke?
A. Carbon monoxide
B. Caffeine
C. Nicotine
D. Tar
14. The most abundant component of blood is?
A. White blood cells
B. Plasma
C. Red blood cells
D. Platelets
15. Which of the following materials is opaque?
A. Kerosene
B. Mirror
C. Windscreen
D. Frosted glass
16. Which of the following plants stores food in the stem?
A. Carrot
B. Arrowroot
C. Sugar cane
D. Cassava
17. Which of the following pairs shows living and non- living component of the environment respectively?
A. Soil and air
B. Water and plants
C. Soil and animals
D. Mushroom and soil
18. Which of the following is NOT a water pollutant
A. Solid waster
B. Air
C. Pesticides
D. Oil
19. The following are signs and symptoms of gonorrhea which one is NOT?
A. Swelling at tip of the penis
B. Sores appearing on the lips
C. Passing out smelly discharge
D. Pain when passing out urine
20. Which of the following body fluids does NOT carry HIV virus?
A. Tears
B. Saliva
C. Virginal fluid
D. Semen
21. Which of the following diseases does not spread through contaminated water?
A. Cholera
B. Malaria
C. Typhoid
D. Bilharzia
22. When comparing the rates at which different soils lose water, it is important that all the following factors should be kept constant except
A. Type of soil
B. Size of funnel
C. Amount of water
D. Amount of cotton wool
23. Which of the beaks below is adapted to feed on as the vulture?

24. Which of the following tools is used for digging in hard soil and removing weeds?
A. flat blade jembe
B. forked jembe
C. hoe
D. combined forked jembe
25. Which of the following cannot be measured using a spring balance?
A. weight
B. mass
C. friction
D. magnetism
26. The flowing are major nutrient required by plants except?
A. potassium
B. phosphorous
C. manganese
D. nitrogen
27. The main vein is the?
A. Venacava
B. Pulmonary vein
C. Pulmonary artery
D. Aorta
28. Which of the following has definite mass and volume only?
A. Air
B. Vapor
C. Water
D. Wood
29. The following are physical changes in both boys and girls during adolescent except?
A. Production of sex cell
B. Growth of pubic hairs
C. Pimples may appear
D. Broadening of hips
30. The type of soil erosion that occurs on animals paths is?
A. Sheet erosion
B. Rill erosion
C. Splash erosion
D. Gulley erosion
31. Which of the following is an egg laying mammal?
A. Spiny ant eater
B. duck
C. Crocodile
D. Kangaroo
32. Which one of the following is not a special sound
A. Baby crying
B. Siren sound
C. Car hooting
D. Bell ringing
33. Malaria is a disease spread by?
A. Female anopheles mosquito
B. Stagnant water
C. Plasmodium
D. Female anopheles
34. The following are characteristics of amphibians except?
A. Lay eggs
B. Have external fertilization
C. Have backbone
D. Have scales
35. DPT vaccine is administered to infants to prevent all the following diseases except?
A. Polio
B. Pertussis
C. Lock jaw
D. Diphtheria
36. Ken visited the VCT Centre and confirmed that he was HIV positive. What would be the best step to take immediately?
A. Stop sharing utensils with others
B. Go for immunization
C. Seek treatment
D. Seek advice in health Centre
37. Which of the following is an effect of excessive consumption of alcohol?
A. Liver cirrhosis
B. Long sited
C. Short sited
D. Boost immune system
38. Which of the following diseases is caused by lack of iron mineral in the body only?
A. Kwashiorkor
B. Anemia
C. Ricket
D. Marasmus
39. The following are communicable diseases, which one is NOT?
A. Chicken pox
B. Measles
C. Tuberculosis
D. Malaria
40. Which one of the following crops pest attacks grains in store boring holes in them?
A. Aphids
B. White ants
C. Weevils
D. Stalk borer
41. The component of the diet that helps in preventing constipation mainly comes from
A. Legumes and milk
B. Cereals and eggs
C. Fruits and vegetables
D. Fats and oils
42. The following are characteristics of a type of clouds
i. Based in shape
ii. Look like cotton wood
iii. Has a flat base
Name the clouds
A. Nimbus
B. Cumulus
C. Stratus
D. Cirrus
43. Anything that occupies space and has mass is called
A. Mass
B. Matter
C. Weight
D. Volume
44. When light from the sun falls on a mirror
A. It is reflected
B. Forms a rainbow
C. It bounces back
D. It diffuses
45. Which of the following groups of food would provide nutrients suitable for a child suffering from kwashiorkor?
A. Sorghum, carrots, sweet potatoes
B. Peas, milk, beef
C. Mangoes, arrow roots, spinach
D. Sorghum ,carrot, sweet potatoes
46. The water did NOT enter the glass because.
A. Air exert pressure
B. Water is heavier
C. Air occupies space
D. Air expands on heating
47. Where does digestion of maize starts?
A. Mouth
B. Small intestine
C. Colon
D. Stomach
48. Which statement below is NOT correct about red blood cells?
A. They contain blood coloring matter
B. They carry oxygen and fight disease causing organisms
C. They are smaller in size than white blood cells
D. They have a definite shape
49. Which of the following methods of grazing is practiced mainly by farmers with small pieces of land?
A. Zero grazing
B. Herding
C. Tethering
D. Paddocking
50. Plants make their own food by the process called
A. Photosynthesis
B. Transpiration
C. Osmoregulation
D. Digestion


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