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Class 8 English Term 3 Exams 2022

Class: Class 8

Subject: English

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 8 Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary


Read the passage below, it contains blank spaces numbered 1 to 15. For each blank space, choose the best alternative from the choice given
A few years ago, a South African photographer went to south Sudan to capture the __1 ___ of civil war. He took a video of ___2___ starving girl who had collapsed___3__ the ground on her way to a feeding center. ____4___ her stood a vulture, __5___ and waiting ___6___ for her to die so that it could make ___7__of her.
Many of us may start wondering __8__ he stood ___9___ waiting for the girl to die instead of ___10___. By doing exactly what he ___11___ to do, the photographer captured ___12____ that many would not have believed to be true. The picture made all over the world scream___13____ realized that whatever happens to __14___ of our brother or sister___15____ also our problem.
1. A. Events B. defects C. causes D. effects
2. A. a B. their C. the D. this
3. A. to B. by C. on D. over
4. A. Beneath B. Besides C. beyond D. beside
5. A. seeing B. looking C. searching D. watching
6. A. patiently B. slowly C. quietly D. angrily
7. A. dish B. food C. meat D. lunch
8. A. how B. when C. whether D. why
9. A. their B. they’re C. there D. they
10. A. talking B. helping C. walking D. crying
11. A. had gone B. would gone C. was gone D. could have gone
12. A. sins B. seen C. sceneries D. scenes
13. A. also B. and C. or D. them
14. A. anyone B. Someone C. any one D. everyone
15. A. is B. was C. were D. are

Choose the best word to fill the gaps
16. Please _________ me this car for a few weeks
A. Borrow
B. Lend
C. Lent
D. Take
17. Not only my uncle _____my father attended the wedding
A. But
B. But also
C. And
D. And also
18. I bought this ball – pen from the______ who runs a shop on Thika super highway
A. Plumber
B. Sculptor
C. Stationer
D. Electrical
19. The wedding ceremony had just __________ when we arrived there
A. Begins
B. Beginning
C. Begun
D. Began

Choose the correct determiner to fill in the blank spaces.
20. Hurry up! We haven’t got ____ time
A. Much
B. Many
C. Some
D. Any
21. I met him ___________ days ago
A. few
B. Little
C. A few
D. More
22. My mum called me ____ to bring her water
A. Several times
B. More time
C. Again and again
D. Severally

Choose the best alternative answer from the choices provided
23. Mary hardly makes noise
A. Does she
B. Do she
C. Isn’t she
D. Wont she
24. Hurry up!___
A. won’t you
B. can’t you
C. will you
D. do you
25. We had barely began our journey ______ it began raining
A. and
B. than
C. as
D. when

Read the passage below and answer question 26-38
A Long time ago before our great-great-grandfathers were born, people never used to dig. They would take their hoes to the farms, leave them there and then go back in the evening and find that a portion of the farm had been dug. They would then collect the hoes and go back to their homes. They repeated this routine every day.

One day in the village of Songa, a young man married a young bride called Deraso from another village. Deraso knew that a bride was expected to work very hard if she was to be considered a good wife. On the first day, ready to show the villagers of Songa how lucky they were to have her, she fetched firewood and water, and she also ground grains including millet to make flour and cleaned the house. Deraso was not afraid of hard work. She carried out her wifely duties with ease.

House chores done, Desaso picked a hoe and headed to the farm. On the way, she thought to herself, “if I started digging early, won’t I dig a bigger portion than what the hoe usually does? And won’t I learn a lot of admiration in my new village?”

When she reached the farm without hesitation, Deraso took a hoe and started digging vigorously. When she finished digging, she stopped and looked at her work. She felt very proud of herself. Little did she know that her rash action would change things forever.

The ancestors of Songa village were infuriated to learn that a young bride had defied a custom that had prevailed since time immemorial. They decided that human beings were ungrateful because Deraso had failed to appreciate the kindness of god Kamur who helped humans dig their farms.

The ancestors conspired with Kamur to have him end his kindness. In the evening, when Deraso returned to the village, she happily told her husband how much digging she had done. Deraso was confused by his reaction. He was horrified; ashamed, he told the rest of the villagers what his young bride had done

Everyone in the village reproached her. Why, they wondered, did she want to upstage god Kamur and change the ways of their ancestors? Bewildered, Deraso wished the earth would open up and swallow her. All she wanted was praise.

The next day, when the hoes were left on the farm, they did not dig. Kamur had withdrawn his help. Since then people dig their farms.

26. According to the first paragraph it is true to say that,
A. Hoes went to the farm themselves
B. Lazy people forced their hoes to work for them
C. People did not know how to dig
D. Hoes were collected by their owners in the evening

27. The hoes dug
A. A part of each farm
B. No part of every farm
C. The whole of each farm
D. Every part of each farm

28. How many times did people visit their farms daily?

A. One
B. Two
C. Four
D. many

29. A married woman was regarded as a good wife if she?

A. could fetch firewood
B. could do all house chores
C. was industrious
D. was not afraid of anything

30. what was Deraso’s greatest desire when she got married
A. to be the hardest working wife
B. to be regarded highly in her new community
C. to be at peace with the ancestors
D. to make god Kamur very happy

31. Which of the following did Deraso NOT do on the first day in her new village?

A. Earn admiration from the villagers
B. Dig a big portion of the farm
C. Do a number of house hold chores
D. Grind millet to make flour

32. The word “with ease” can be replaced by all the following EXCEPT?
A. properly
B. smoothly
C. easily
D. effortlessly
33. Deraso went to the farm
A. after getting her husband’s permission
B. before fetching firewood and water
C. to check if it had been dug well
D. after she was through with the housework
34. What did Deraso not want the villagers to do?

A. Think that she was lazy
B. Know how industrious she was
C. Know that she was lazy
D. Think that they were lucky to have her

35. What does the word ‘infuriated’ mean according to the passage?

A. Confused
B. Surprised
C. Enraged
D. Shocked

36. What did the ancestors resolve to do after Deraso dug the farm?
A. To punish Deraso for her actions
B. To appreciate Deraso’s hard work
C. To force people to start digging their farms
D. To ask god Kamur to punish human beings
37. Which of these proverbs refer to Deraso’s actions

A. Hard work pays
B. Look before you leap
C. Never judge a book by its cover
D. Half a loaf is better than none

38. Which of the following would be the best title for this passage?
A. Deraso and the kind ancestors
B. The hard work bride
C. Why people have to dig their farms
D. Why we should dig our own farms

Read the passage below and answer question 39-50
When mature, the coconut palm stands anything from fifty to a hundred feet high, its slender, graceful trunk is crowded by a feathery plume of green leaves, it has a fragile look but it is well equipped to withstand strong wind. The flexible trunk of the coconut palm bows before the wind. As the wind drops; it straightens itself up to tower proudly over the cast.
High out of reach, in the middle of the cluster of foliage, grow the coconut, about fifty on each tree. They take a year to ripen. A hard fibrous shell surrounds the kernel of the fruit. Inside is a white, fleshy material which feeds the plant – seed when it starts to grow. The Centre of the coconut is filled with milk which serves to nourish the germinating plants. Coconuts are often blown from trees and washed out to sea. The nuts float easily on water and can be carried to far places. The nuts grow into coconut palms trees. It is in this way that has widely spread along the coast of many countries islands. The person who lives at the coast is always ready to climb when the crop is ripe. Cutting out the nuts and letting them fall to the ground to be collected together. The coconut trees has always grown fairly close to the sea, and the rough brown fibre that covers the nuts has acquired a great resistance to salty water. The fibre, called the coir is used for making ropes, brushes and brooms. The hard part of the shell, which is smooth and watertight, makes excellent drinking vessels. The leaves are woven while still green into mats and baskets and in many parts of the coast are used for thatching.
The most valuable part of the tree is copra, the nutty part of the fruit. This is dried and squeezed for high oil content. Copra may be dried in the sun or by machined in factories. Coconut oil is very important raw material which is bought and sold through the world. It provides us with soap, detergent, glycerines synthetic rubber and even brakes fluid. In refined form. It is very nourishing, and it is used for cooking
Coconut food contain an acid which prevents food from going bad, for this reason, the oil is used in cakes and breads as food preservatives to give food longer shelf life. But greater demand for coconut oil comes from the manufacturer of margarine who uses it in large quantity.
The people who live at the coast make a drink from sap and juices, which is obtained by making a cut on the flower stalk. This liquid may be drunk fresh or it may be fermented into highly alcoholic palm wine. Which when distilled makes a very strong drink. The same buds that produce this drink develop into cabbage- like growth which is eaten as a salad if the buds are left to ripen. They eventually form a type of a coconut whose oil, extracted from the copra provides a livelihood for many people. When the trees has reached a ripe old age. It is felled and used for building houses. For those people who live in coast and know its many uses, the coconut palm is a queen among trees. (Adapted from the living world of achievement, Collins 1964)

39. Coconuts have been widely spread along the coast of many countries and islands because
A. Coconut can easily be blown from trees by wind
B. People of the coast transport them in many places
C. The nuts easily float on water
D. The nuts are dispersed by birds
40. The part of the coconut fruit which helps to feed the growing plants according to the passage are?
A. The cluster of foliage
B. A white fleshy material and the milk
C. The hard fibrous shell
D. The kernel of the fruits
41. When coconut oil is refined, it is used as__?
A. Cooking oil
B. Soap
C. Detergent
D. Brake fluid
42. The most valuable part of the coconut palm tree is
A. Copra
B. Coir
C. Leaves
D. The smooth shell are used as vessels
43. What is the use of coir as used in the passage?
A. Making mats and baskets
B. As a drinking vessels
C. Making ropes, brushes and brooms
D. For thatching
44. People harvest the coconut by?
A. Waiting for the wind to blow the fruit down?
B. Waiting for the sea to bring the coconut from distance shores
C. Climbing the trees and cutting down fruits
D. Sleeping in the shed of the coconut palm tree until the fruits falls
45. Coconut oil is used in cakes and breads as food preservatives because it contains?
A. Sugar
B. Salt
C. An acid
D. Nutrients
46. According to the passage the greatest demand for coconut oil comes from?
A. Bakes
B. Manufacturers of soaps and detergents
C. Manufacturers of brake fluid
D. Manufacturer of margarine
47. How is the drinking from the juice obtained
A. By a cut on flower stalk
B. By splitting the kernel
C. By removing the fleshy part of the fruit
D. By making
48. The coconut palm has been subscribed as queen among trees because
A. It has many uses
B. It is tall and grateful
C. It can withstand strong winds
D. It is used for building houses
49. The flower buds from the coconut palm tree develop into cabbage like growth which can be used as
A. Salad
B. Palm wine
C. A strong alcoholic drink
D. Cabbage
50. A suitable tittle for this passage would be
A. The coconut palm- a queen a among trees
B. The coconut palm and the people of the coast
C. The fruit of the coconut palm tree
D. Coconut oil, and its many uses


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