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Class 8 Social Studies Term 3 Exams 2022

Class: Class 8

Subject: Social Studies

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 8 Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

Study the map of Peny area to answer questions 1-7

1. 1.Name the climate at the North West of Peny Area
A. Hot and wet
B. Hot and dry
C. Hot and cool
D. cool and wet
2. 2.The settlement in Peny area is likely to be
A. nucleated
B. clustered
C. linear
D. densely
3. 3.Many people in Peny are like to be
A. Muslims
B. Pagans
C. Christians
D. Traditionalists
4. Who is the senior administrator of Peny area?
A. chief
B. District officer
C. County Commissioner
D. Governor
5. The most economic activities of people living in Peny are is likely to be?
A. Mining
B. Tourism
C. Farming
D. Trade
6. Name the physical features formed by R. Poa and Lake Maji?
A. Estuary
B. Tributary
C. Delta
D. Distributary
7. Peny area rises from which direction
A. South West to North East
B. North East to South West
C. South west to North
D. South West to East
8. Which one of the following is NOT an Effect of Oloibon Lenana collaboration with the Europeans?
A. He was recognized the paramount chief
B. He was rewarded cattle
C. Railways was built without trouble
D. Lenana made friendship with his brother Sendeyo
9. Which among the following is NOT a problem facing the OAU?
A. Encouraging cooperation
B. Misunderstanding among others
C. Political instability
D. Interference from former colonial power
10. Which one of the following is a disadvantage of air transport in Kenya?
A. Cheap
B. Faster
C. Fatal when accident occurs
D. Readily available
11. Which one of the following climate conditions favors the growth of coffee
A. High temperature protection from wind, volcanic soil
B. Moderate rainfall, protection from sunlight, high altitude
C. A dry spell, heavy rainfall, alluvial soil
D. Heavy rainfall. Protected from strong wind, low altitude
12. Use the diagram below to answer the questions that follows
The prehistoric site marked Y is called _______
A. Naikotome
B. Omo valley
C. Koobi fora
D. Olorgesaille
13. The national park marked J is called
A. Sibiloi
B. Malka mari national park
C. Ruma
D. Tsavo national park
14. Which one of the following countries attained its independence first?
A. Zimbabwe
B. Uganda
C. Ghana
D. Tanzania
15. Which one of the following is not among the four communities of Senegal during the colonial period?
A. Lagos
B. Dakar
C. Rufisque
D. St. Louis
16. The following are fresh water lakes except?
A. Lake Turkana
B. Lake Naivasha
C. Lake Baringo
D. Lake Victoria
17. Otieno a street boy was beaten to death for stealing a lady’s handbag. Which right was he denied?
A. Right to own property
B. Right to life
C. Right to peace
D. Right to freedom
18. Which of the following is NOT used in mass communication?
A. Radio
B. Facsimile
C. Television
D. Newspaper
19. Which of the following is found in Botswana?
A. Kruger National park
B. Okavango Delta sanctuary
C. Pyramid
D. Ruaha National park
20. Kenya became a republic in which year
A. 1964
B. 1969
C. 1963
D. 2010

21. Who is the head of Judiciary?
A. Chief justice
B. Speaker
C. President
D. Attorney general
22. Which of the following courts can listen to and determine the presidential election petition in Kenya?
A. Court of appeal
B. Supreme court
C. Court martial
D. Kadhi court
23. In Kenya human rights are contained in the?
A. Parliament
B. Constitution
C. Courts
D. The police stations
24. Which of the following is not a traditional method of weather observations?
A. Behavior of some birds
B. Presence of dew
C. Use of rain gauge
D. Sudden rise in temperature
25. Three of the following are true about the flag of Kenya except?
A. The Kenya flag was adopted in December 1963
B. The green color stands for our natural wealth
C. It is a factor promoting national unity
D. It has four colors each with different meaning
26. During which month is the sun overhead the tropic of Capricorn?
A. March
B. December
C. September
D. June
27. Three of the following are factors influencing climate change except?
A. Pollution
B. Overstocking
C. Deforestation
D. Rural –urban migration

28. Cloves are largely grown in?
A. Zanzibar
B. Uganda
C. Eritrea
D. Tanzania
Use the map of Africa below to answer question 29- 31
29. The climatic region marked M is?
A. Mediterranean climate
B. Mountain climate
C. Equatorial climate
D. Tropical climate
30. The physical feature marked S is a __
A. Volcanic Mountain
B. Block Mountain
C. Fold Mountain
D. A residual mountain
31. Which of the following is not true about the river Marked Q?
A. It drains in East Africa
B. It has artificial lake
C. It is used for irrigation
D. It starts in East Africa
32. Which is the capital city of South Africa?
A. Johannesburg
B. Soweto
C. Pretoria
D. Witwatersrand
33. Three of the following are problems facing ECOWAS which one is not?
A. Brought limited movement of people in member country
B. Production of similar goods
C. Inefficient infrastructure connecting member country
D. Lack of common currency among member states
34. During the pre –colonial period virtues were encouraged through?
A. Bible reading
B. Local courts
C. Sacred rituals
D. Moral laws
35. Which of the following countries achieved its independent through constitutional means?
A. Zimbabwe
B. Ghana
C. Kenya
D. Mozambique
36. The factor that has mainly influence the location of Webuye paper industry is
A. Nearness to raw material
B. Good transport means
C. Ready market
D. Provision of skilled labour
37. Three of the following are requirement of presidential candidates except?
A. Must present nomination paper to the returning officer
B. Must be 25 years and above
C. Be a registered voter in a constituency
D. Must be nominated by a registered political party
38. Dairy farming is best practice in areas that are?
A. High altitudes
B. Hot and Dry
C. Hot and wet
D. Near urban centers
39. The pre- historic site that is found in Tanzania is?
A. Olduvai Gorge
B. Nariokotene
C. Hyrax hills
D. Olorgesaile
40. The history of a community was passed from one generation to another mainly through?
A. Initiations
B. Work
C. Apprenticeship
D. Story telling
41. Nicholas a HIV infected orphan has been refused playing with anybody by his mother. Which freedom is Nicholas denied?
A. Freedom of playing
B. Freedom of speech
C. Freed worship
D. Freedom of association

42. Which one of the following climatic regions mainly receives convectional rainfall throughout the year?
A. Mountain climate
B. Equatorial
C. Savanna
D. Mediterranean
43. Which of the following tools were not made by early man during the pre –colonial period?
A. Mobile phone
B. Hoes
C. Daggers
D. Cart
44. Three of the following are true about coffee growing in Ethiopia except?
A. The main variety grown is Arabica
B. The main growing area is Ethiopian highlands
C. Coffee is the second foreign exchange earners
D. Most of the coffee is grown by the small scale farmers
45. Which one of the following is not true about the speaker?
A. He is elected by members of parliament
B. He chairs parliamentary debates
C. Swears Mps
D. Elected after two or five years each
46. Which one is a challenge facing African economies?
A. Under population
B. Urbanization
C. Inadequate capital
D. Shortage of labour
47. Three of the following are advantages of road transport except?
A. Fast and cheap over short distances
B. Free from noise and air pollution
C. It is the most widespread form of transport
D. It is a flexible form of transport
48. Three of the countries below are members of common wealth except?
A. Britain
B. New Zealand
C. France
D. Canada
49. Which one of the following is true about Mzee Jomo Kenyatta
A. He supported freedom fighters in the other parts of Africa
B. He was the first Chairman of K.A.U
C. He was the secretary general of Kenya African National Union (KANU)
D. He introduced the 8-4-4 system of education
50. The ocean current that creates a cooling effect on the South Western tip of Africa is?
A. Mozambique
B. Canary
C. Guinea
D. Benguela
51. Majority of foreigners become citizen of Kenya MAINLY through
A. Birth
B. Naturalization
C. Arbitrator
D. Identification
52. Use the diagram below to answer question 52- 53

Which of the following physical features was formed through the above process?
A. Mount Kenya
B. Mt. Kilimanjaro
C. Atlas Mountain
D. Mount Kenya
53. What is the name of the part marked w
A. Syncline
B. Anticline
C. Downward
D. Mountain top
54. Who among the following is the best suited to help end a civil dispute
A. Local administrator
B. Chief justice
C. Arbitrator
D. Member of parliament
55. How many constituencies are there in Kenya
A. 220 B. 290
C. 350. D. 250
56. The commonly abused drug in Kenya is
A. Cigarette
B. Opium
C. Alcohol
D. Bhang
57. Three of the following are roles of a community in a school development. Which one is Not
A. Source of labour to the school
B. Teaching children
C. Provides resource persons
D. Donates land for setting up school
58. What is the main cause of decline of Old Ghana kingdom
A. Succession dispute
B. To large kingdom to be rules
C. Lack of clear boundaries
D. Overdependence on Trans Saharan trade
59. Who is the current speaker of Kenya
A. Justine Muturi
B. Maraga
C. Mwai kibaki
D. Babu owino
60. Madagascar was colonized by
A. France
B. Belgium
C. Britain
D. Portugal


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