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Class 6 Science End of Term 3 Examination 2022

Class: Class 6

Subject: Science

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 6 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary


1. The duration between childhood and adulthood is known as
A. ovulation
B. reproduction
C. adolescence
D. menstruation
2. Where does the digestion of maize starts during digestion?
A. stomach
B. colon
C. small intestine
D. mouth
3. The diagram below represents processes KLM and N which brings about changes in state of matter.

Which two processes requires an increase in temperature?
A. K and L
B. M and N
C. L and M
D. K and N
4. The diagram below represents a female reproductive organ. use it to answer question 4 and 5
Which part does fertilization takes place?
A. F
B. E
C. H
D. G
5. What is the function of the part label g?
A. produce ova
B. carries the foetus
C. store sperms
D. it is where fertilization takes place
6. Amphibians, Reptiles, spiny ant eater and birds all share one thing in common, they all?
A. lay eggs
B. Have varying body temperature
C. breath through lungs
D. have scales
7. The diagram below represents a flower, use it to answer question 7 and 8


Which letter represent the part of the flower that attract pollinators and the part that protect the flower during the young stage respectively?
A. E And D
B. A and D
C. A and E
D. D and B
8. Pamela fitted a wooden handle on her cooking pan. Explain?
A. Made her get burnt
B. make food boil at a distance
C. Act as insulator
D. it is a good conductor of heat
9. Std 6 pupils were observing a candle using a pipe as shown below?

Which aspect of light were they investigating?
A. reflection of light
B. refraction of light
C. light travels in all direction
D. light travels in a straight line
10. Pistil consist of the following EXCEPT?
A. Stigma
B. style
C. ovules
D. filaments
11. Which one of the following is immunisable disease?
A. tetanus
C. malaria
D. typhoid
12. Which of the following is NOT a sense organ?
A. Eyes
B. Touch
C. Nose
D. Tongue
13. Carbon dioxide is used for the following purpose EXCEPT?
A. Preserving milk
B. germination
C. preserving beer
D. photosynthesis
14. The following are signs and symptoms of a certain disease?
i. prolonged dry cough
ii. fever
iii. sweating at night
iv. loss of weight
The above signs and symptoms are for which disease?
A. malaria
B. typhoid
C. anemia
D. Tuberculosis
15. Soil becomes waterlogged due to?
A. Absence of small animal in it
B. its color
C. the size of the particles
D. the amount of small animals in it
16. Which of the following types of food CANNOT be canned?
A. kales
B. Pork
C. Beef
D. Fish
17. Which one of the following planet has the longest orbit?
A. mars
B. Neptune
C. earth
D. Venus
18. Which of the following teeth are broad, have ridges and two roots
A. molar B. canines
C. premolars D. incisors
19. The purpose of salt in food preservation is to?
A. remove water
B. remove air
C. lower the temperature
D. add flavor
20. A coin in a bucket of water appear raised than it is because of?
A. refraction
B. reflection
C. dispersion of light
D. splitting
21. Which one of the following phases of the moon CANNOT be seen by a person on earth
A. gibbous
B. full moon
C. new moon
D. crescent
22. Which one of the following is not a type of soil erosion
A. gulley
B. real
C. splash
D. sheet
23. Which of one of the following is a physical change that takes place to both boys and girls during adolescence?
A. broadening of voice
B. hair growth in the head
C. increase in penis size
D. hair growth in the armpit
24. which one of the following is the best way of removing weeds from the seedbed
A. slashing
B. uprooting
C. digging out
D. watering
25. A person infected with HIV develops AIDs at
A. window stage
B. full blown stage
C. incubation stage
D. symptomatic stage
26. Which one of the following is NOT the important of HIV testing?
A. to know how soon death will come
B. to plan for marriage
C. to campaign against HIV
D. to know the number of people infected
27. Yellow fever vaccine is administered to children after how long?
A. 9month
B. 2week
C. at birth
D. 6week
28. Which one of the following is MAINLY written on the packet of medicine when you buy?
A. Name of the Hospital
B. Name of the doctor
C. dosage
D. Number of infants

29. Heat transfer in vacuum is called
A. Convection
B. Radiation
C. Conduction
D. Expansion
30. Rain bow is formed in the presence of ___
A. Sunlight only
B. Rainfall only
C. Rain and sunlight
D. Cloudy and rain
31. What is the name of the weed described below?
i. green and yellow fruits
ii. has thorny stem
iii. poisonous
A. Sodom apple
B. pig weed
C. Mexican marigold
D. Black jack
32. Which of the plants below produce flowers?
A. fern
B. Sugarcane
C. Moss
D. mold
33. Which one below is not a leguminous plant?
A. Groundnut
B. Peas
C. Beans
D. Maize
34. A force causes the following to objects, which one is NOT?
A. Pressure
B. Stopping
C. Change direction
D. Movement of objects
35. which planet is the smallest in size
A. Jupiter
B. Mercury
C. Mars
D. Venus
36. Standard 5 pupils at Kitengela primary school carried out the experiment below.

What was not observed in the experiment to show that oxygen support burning?
A. water in the plate reduces in volume
B. water enters the glass
C. candle later turn off
D. candle burn brightly
37. Which state of the matter has definite shape?
A. vapour
B. ice
C. steam
D. water
38. Unit for force is called
A. Kilogram
B. Newton
C. Celsius
D. Metres
39. Which one of the following animals is CORRECTLY matched with its number of legs?
A. tick - 6legs
B. Crab - 10legs
C. Termite -8legs
D. Millipede - 2 legs
40. Soil texture depend on?
A. Size of the particles
B. Color of the soil
C. Organic matter in the soil
D. Types of water
41. Kwashiorkor can be prevented by?
A. Eating vitamins
B. Eating millet
C. Eating Balance diet
D. Eating protein
42. Most animals living in the soil come out from the soil during rainy season to?
A. Eat
B. Reproduce
C. Breath
D. Escape
43. Which of the animals below are broilers?
A. Cow
B. Poultry
C. Goat
D. Cattle
44. Which material is translucent?
A. Milk
B. Mirror
C. Oiled paper
D. Metal
45. What name is given to the grazing method below?

A. Paddocking
B. Zero grazing
C. Tethering
D. Paddocking
46. Which material can be used to make orbit instead of wires when modeling the solar system
A. Thorns
B. Thread
C. cello tapes
D. Manila paper
47. Which one of the following is not a state of matter?
A. Solid
B. Liquid
C. Gas
D. water
48. Which one is CORRECTLY grouped into recreational and domestic use of water?
Recreational domestic
A. Fountains cooking
B. Swimming watering plants
C. Making soda washing
D. Surfing Drinking
49. Which one of the following is not a characteristics of liquid
A. They have definite mass
B. They take the shape of the container
C. They have definite volume
D. They do not take the shape of the container
50. Which one of the following is NOT the use of water in the body?
A. Making of blood
B. Prevent skin from drying
C. It helps in cooling the body
D. It prevent constipation


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