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Class 7 Science End of Term 3 Exams 2022

Class: Class 7

Subject: Science

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 7 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary


1. Which one of the following component of blood is involved in clotting after injury?
A. White blood cells
B. Red blood cells
C. Plasma
D. Platelets
2. A patient was taken to the hospital with the following and symptoms
i. Fever
ii. Pain in the joints
iii. Sweating heavily at night
The patient was likely to suffer from?
A. Tuberculosis
B. Malaria
C. Typhoid
D. Bilharzia
3. The following are recreational uses of water. Which one is NOT?
A. Swimming
B. Skiing
C. Surfing
D. Making fountain
4. Which group are beverages ONLY?
A. Coffee, simsim, sunflowers
B. Coffee, tea, barley
C. Oats, barley, cotton
D. Orange, mango, coconut

5. Which one of the following is not a function of plasma?
A. Transporting heat around the body
B. Carrying waste products to where they should be removed from the body
C. Carrying oxygen from the lungs to all part of the body
D. Transport carbon dioxide to the lungs
6. The diagram below represent a maize seed

Which statement is true?
A. X is the seed coat
B. Z is the plumule
C. W is the radicle
D. Y is the endosperm
7. The following are factors why a boat floats on water except?
A. Material
B. Shape
C. Weight
D. Size
8. The set up was carried by std 5 pupils at Korowe Primary school

Which component of soil were they trying to investigate?
A. Particles in the soil
B. Organic matter in the soil
C. Living organisms in the soil
D. moisture in the soil
9. which one of the following mixtures cannot be separated by dissolving, filtering and evaporation
A. iron fillings and sugar
B. sand and salt
C. salt and iron filling
D. sugar and salt
10. which one of the following vaccines are immunisable once in child’s lifetime
A. Polio and DPT
B. BCG and measles
C. BCG and anti-measles
D. Oral polio vaccine of BCG
11. Which one of the following is not a major component of environment
A. Soil
B. Air
C. Water
D. Sound
12. The following characteristics are found in both tilapia and snakes except
A. Both have scales on their bodies
B. They both lay and fertilize eggs
C. They both have varying body temperature
D. They both move without legs

13. The following are importance of lighting a house, which one is NOT?
A. Discouraging pest
B. Reading comfortable
C. Warming ourselves
D. Avoiding accidents
14. Which set of parasites can be controlled by dipping and spraying?
A. Ticks, mite, hookworms, fLies
B. Worms, flukes, roundworm. Mite
C. Ticks, lice, mites, fleas
D. Tsetse fly, lice fleas, fluke
15. The diagram below shoes a human reproductive systems
The fusion of both and female cells takes place in the part mark?
A. W B. X C.Z D. Y
16. Clouds that indicated fine weather also
A. Bring heavy rainfall
B. Cover the whole sky
C. Dark grey in color
D. Are found high in the sky
17. Which of the following is an EFFECT of HIV and AIDs to a family?
A. Lack of self esteem
B. Lack of parental love
C. Congestion in the hospital
D. Lack of skilled personnel
18. Which of the following terms can be used to describe birds?
A. Tertiary consumers
B. Primary consumers
C. Secondary consumers
D. Primary producers
19. The following are effect of pest on crops EXCEPT?
A. Transmission of diseases to other groups
B. Reduction in quality of the yield
C. Increase in crop yield
D. Causing diseases to consumers
20. The set up below has been carried out by std 5 pupils at Lela secondary school. Which process were the pupils investigating?
A. Absorption in plants
B. Photosynthesis in plants
C. Transport in plants
D. Transportation in plants
21. Which one of the following is MOST dangerous stage of HIV and AIDs development?
A. Symptomatic stage
B. Full blown stage
C. Window stage
D. Incubation stage
22. The chart below shows claffication of farm animals and the products
Which animal is incorrectly matched with its product?
A. Goat
B. Poultry
C. Cattle
D. Sheep
23. The following material materials were collected by Std 6 pupils to investigate drainage in soil
i. Funnel
ii. Soil
iii. Water
iv. Cotton wool
v. Collecting jar
Which of the following should NOT be the same?
A. Amount of water
B. Amount of soil
C. Amount of cotton wool
D. Type of soil
24. Animal feeds that are conserved while still green are referred to as
A. Pasture
B. Concentrates
C. Hay
D. Silage
25. Materials that allow some light pass through them but you cannot see through them clearly are known as
A. Opaque
B. Transparent
C. Translucent
D. Frosted glasses
26. All the following are disadvantages of weeds EXCEPT?
A. Choke the crop
B. Make harvesting difficult
C. Check on soil erosion
D. Compete the soil nutrient of water
27. St 7 did the experiment shows below
After some times the dumped white piece of cloth turned dark brown. This due to presence of
A. Carbon dioxide
B. Tar
C. Carbon monoxide
D. Nicotine
28. Study the food chain below
Grass -------- grasshopper---------frog---------snake
If all the frogs were killed what would happen?
A. Grasshopper would decrease
B. Grass would decrease
C. Snake would increase
D. snake would eat grasshopper
29. Which one of the following DOES NOT cause water pollution?
A. flood
B. oil spoilage
C. treated sewage
D. acid rains
30. Which one of the following is not a MAJOR component of the environment?
A. soil
B. air
C. Plant
D. Factory
31. Digestion of food does NOT take place in the
A. Mouth
B. Colon
C. stomach
D. Ileum
32. Which one of the following is the furthest planet from the sun
A. Mercury
B. Earth
C. Jupiter
D. Neptune
33. The diagram below shows a certain method of making a compost manure
The process is called
A. Four – heap method
B. Compost row method
C. Simple compost heap
D. Heap and pit method
34. Drugs given to protect the body against diseases are called
A. Stimulants
B. Narcotic
C. Anti- biotic
D. Vaccines
35. Which one of the following shows field pest only
A. Aphids and rodents
B. Stalk borers and weevils
C. Rats and weevils
D. Aphids and cutworms
36. The following are uses of translucent materials, which one is not?
A. Making window curtains
B. Making bathroom window pens
C. Making ambulance window
D. Making tracing paper by oiling
37. Which of the following is NOT a protective food given to a livestock
A. Fruits
B. Green fodder
C. Molasses
D. Fish meal
38. The diagram below represent a mammalian heart
Which blood shown above has valves and carries oxygenated blood
A. m B. q C. n D.t
39. One of the following is NOT a good behavior when eating food?
A. Chewing with mouth close
B. Leaking fingers
C. Avoid leaning on the table
D. Not picking salt from far end of the table
40. Which of the things is like to AFFECT your health when abused in your presence?
A. Tobacco
B. Khat
C. Alcohol
D. Coblas glue
41. Germination of seed and the process of breathing by human being have one thing in common. Both
A. Use heat
B. Require water
C. Use oxygen
D. Use carbon dioxide
42. Which type of soil erosion if NOT controlled can cause the formation of V- shaped channels?
A. Gulley erosion
B. Rill erosion
C. Sheet erosion
D. Splash erosion
43. The chemical mixed with the dip wash is called
A. Acaricides
B. Insecticides
C. Pesticides
D. Fungicides
44. Which of the following is the main purpose of Salt in food preservation
A. Add flavor
B. Reduce the temperature
C. Remove moisture
D. Remove air

45. Std 7 pupils of Bonde primary did the experiment below

The experiment shows that
A. Air contain soil
B. Water contain air
C. Soil contain water
D. Soil contain air
46. Which one of the following is NOT a health effect of drug abuse?
A. Confusion
B. Depression
C. Irritability
D. Truancy
47. Below are changes in the state of mater,

Which process above require increase in temperature?
A. N and P
B. M and R
C. R and N
D. P and M
48. Which one of the following methods of food preservation is likely to pollute meat when used?
A. Sun drying
B. Canning
C. Smoking
D. Salting
49. The diagram below shoes a liquid thermometer, which one of the following would improve the efficiency of the instrument above?
A. Using wide straw
B. Using a narrow straw
C. Removing the cock
D. Labeling the scale from top to bottom
50. What is the purpose of the gaps left on a railways line?
A. Allow contraction
B. Allow contraction and expansion
C. Allow expansion
D. Reduce the cost of metals used


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