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Class 7 English End of Term 3 Examination 2022

Class: Class 7

Subject: English

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 7 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary


Read the passage below and answer question 1-15
When Charles and the rest of the guides___1___ at school, they were ___2___ received by the rest of the boys. They ___3___ enthusiastically about their trip.
“We climbed ___4___ and by 12.30 pm we were at the top of Maragoli hills,” said Charles. “___5___ night it rained heavily and our tent ___6___ to ___7___ and we had to wake up to clear the mess. We woke up early in the morning to prepare breakfast”. ___8___ we had stored some wood in a dry place the ___9___ day so I successfully ___10___ the fire with only one match and ___11___ the test. I was ___12___ excited to succeed. My teacher congratulated me ___13___ my success. I had done him proud, ___14___? I looked ___15___ to the provincial test
1. A. reached B. arrived C. got D. walked
2. A. Happily B. warmly C. coldly D. sadly
3. A. discussed B. argued C. talked D. debated
4. A. steadilly B. steady C. steadily D. steadly
5. A. By B. On C. In D. At
6. A. began B. begun C. begins D. begin
7. A. Leak B. lick C. seek D. find
8. A. Unluckily B. Unfortunately C. Fortunately D. Luckily
9. A. Former B. previous C. last D. next
10. A. lighter B. lighted C. light D. lit
11. A. past B. passed C. succeeded D. failed
12. A. too B. very C. so D. rather
13. A. on B. for C. by D. with
14. A. didn’t I B. did I C. hadn’t I D. had I
15. Forward B. down C. up to D. upon

For question 16 to 18 chose the alternatives that best complete the sentences given
16. The new pair of shorts _______torn already
A. Are
B. Is
C. Were
D. Have been
17. Paul like Mike ___ church on foot
A. Go
B. Have gone
C. Goes
D. Has went
18. This machines have ____ here since Webuye paper mill closed down
A. Lain
B. Laid
C. Lay
D. Lied
For question 19-21, choose the correct word to complete the sentences
19. People gathered to watch a football are called___
A. Audience
B. Congregation
C. Mob
D. Spectators
20. I make cake and sweets and sell them in a shop, who am i?
A. Shopkeeper
B. Hooker
C. Grocer
D. Merchant
21. The tool for smoothening pieces of wood is called
A. An axe
B. A chisels
C. A plane
D. A saw
From question 22- 23 select the best alternative to fill in the blank spaces
22. Florence is a good girl_____ she plays too much in class
A. Moreover
B. Nevertheless
C. However
D. And
23. She came to school late ____ she woke up late
A. Because
B. Thus
C. Therefore
D. And
For question 24 and 25 choose the best alternative to complete the sentence
24. The fire brigade took two hours to _____ raging fire
A. Put on
B. Put up
C. Put out
D. Put off
25. Mark doesn’t get ___ with our landlady. He is always complaining
A. On
B. Along
C. By
D. Of
The next day the conmen appeared again and offered to look after Mzembe’s cows. Mzembe gladly told them to take the cows. The conmen drove the cattle to the river where they cut off their tails. They then planted their tails in the mud.
The hid the cow in a nearby forest and ran to tell Mzembe about the “Misfortune”. This had befallen them. They told him that his cows were disappearing in the mud. He panic as he ran around trying to pull the cows out of the mud by their tails. All he got were the tails
Mzembe got confused; he did not know what he was going to do. He realized that he should not have given his cows to total strangers. He had no choice rather than work hard as anybody else in the village

26. From the first paragraph, it is true to say that the old man had all the following except?
A. Wealth
B. Industrious son
C. Huge piece land
D. A sluggard son
27. Why couldn’t Mzembe work at all?
A. He never learn to work
B. His father couldn’t allow his to work
C. He was healthy
D. He was the only heir
28. All the following could be said about Mzembe from the first paragraph except.
A. He had never handled any work
B. He was lazy
C. He always made his father proud
D. He had never worked
29. Why did the old man sell the land
A. He knew he was dying
B. He didn’t want Mzembe would till it.
C. He didn’t want Mzembe to sell it
D. He wanted to add his livestock
30. The word till has been underlined in the passage. Which other word could be used to mean the same as?
A. Weed
B. Plant
C. Harvest
D. Plough
31. Mzembe was heard announcing at the market that he was now the richest man…..shows that he was
A. Meek B. Proud
C. Hardworking C. Honest
32. When the conmen approached Mzembe, he was_____
A. Grazing his cows
B. Bragging how rich he was
C. Watching his animals graze
D. Lying on a branch of a tree
33. “Mzembe jumped to the idea” means
A. He jumped with the idea
B. He jumped up and down for the idea
C. He agreed with the conmen
D. He gave a suggestions to the conmen
34. Mzembe was made believe that extra five cows had?
A. Been bought from the market
B. Appeared from the mud
C. Appeared from the river bank
D. Emerged from the river bank
35. The word look after have been used to mean
A. Resembled
B. Watch
C. Admire
D. Take care
36. From passage, it is true to say__________
A. The tails were sprouting from the mud
B. The misfortune was real
C. Mzembe had been conned
D. The cows disappeared in the mud apart from the tails
37. Why did Mzembe decide to start working hard?
A. He was no longer rich
B. He decided to change his ways
C. He was confused
D. His new friends advised
38. Which proverb can be used to summarize the passage?
A. A friend need is a fried indeed
B. Experience teaches fools
C. Don’t count your chick before they hatched
D. A stitch in time saves nine

Read the passage below and answer questions 39 - 50.
Some years back, life was different from what we have today. Children would gather in any of the homesteads to play. All adults were in charge of discipline and we were bound to behave ourselves. Although much has changed, trace of this kind of life still exist, people still care on my early life with a mixture of feelings, loss and betrayal, in my child hood, people were filled with hope. Parents struggled to take children to school because they saw education as the best way out of poverty. Many years later the village was poorer than it was 30years ago. Signs of decay are all over.
A good number of parents cannot afford to take their children to school, old classrooms characterize both primary and secondary schools. I see street children in shopping centres and the coffee factories have collapsed. While a sense of hopelessness has surrounded the village. I clearly remember that as a bare footed village boy, I always missed school on Wednesday in order to harvest coffee and take it to the factory. But the more I did this, the more poverty hit our home. Some of the best performing schools when I was growing up are now shadows of their former selves. The questions is what happened?
The biggest challenges is how to manage the small portions of land left. In addition, malaria and HIV/AIDS is a big problem to this era. It is saddening to realize that very few of my primary schools classmates are still alive. Access to clean water and affordable health care are beyond the reach of most people. In simple word, the village is poorer today than it was when I was a small boy in the 70s. Somebody should come and save our village, we coffee farmers. Who will came and rescue us?

39. From the sentence of the passage we learn that?
A. Life is stagnating
B. Life has changed
C. Life has changed from what we had last year
D. Years have changes to be good
40. Bound to have been underlined, what does it mean?
A. Encouraged B. Prevented
C. Forced to D. Requested
41. What is the trace of the life of the past years?
A. Discipline of the kids
B. People smile with their mouths
C. People care for one another
D. People are betrayed
42. When the writer was a child, the parents of the days believe they would end their poverty
A. Acquiring big pieces of land
B. Educating themselves
C. Tea farming
D. Taking their children to school
43. Thirty years ago, _________.
A. The village was poorer than it is now
B. The village was richer than it is now
C. The village was as poor as it is now
D. The village was as rich as it is now
44. All the following describe the writers village now except
A. Sense of hope
B. Street children
C. Old classroom
D. Closed coffee factories
45. From the passage, we can conclude that the writer is _______
A. A young village boy
B. An old man
C. A middle aged man
D. A university
46. Why could the writer miss school once in a week?
A. He couldn’t afford shoes
B. They are too poor to pay school fees
C. To harvest tea
D. To harvest coffee and take it to the factories
47. What were the results of the writer’s absence village? Which one is not
A. Good money B. More poverty
C. Less poverty D. Less money
48. All the following are challenges in the writes village, which one is not?
A. How to manage small portions of lands
B. Malaria
C. HIV and Aids
D. How to build new classrooms
49. What in the cash crop in the writes village?
A. Tea B. Coffee
C. Sugarcane D. Pyrethrum
50. What is the best tittle for the above passage?
A. A cry of a village boy
B. How life changes in Kenya
C. A poverty stricken village
D. HIV and AIDS challenge


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