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Class 7 CRE End of Term 3 Examination 2022

Class: Class 7

Subject: CRE

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Class 7 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

STD 7 C.R.E TERM 3 2022

1. Which one of the following story of creation from the book of Genesis shows that human being is special?
A. “They will have power over all animals
B. Have many children and fill the earth
C. It is not good for man to live alone
D. “ and now we will make him human being they will be like us and resemble us”
2. Which one of the following women in Israel solved cases among people?
A. Deborah
B. Jezebel
C. Ruth
D. Hannah
3. When the Israelites reach the Red Sea during the exodus, they were afraid of
A. Dying from thirst
B. Snakes that were biting them
C. The Egyptian army following them
D. Presence of God on Mount Sinai
4. Who led the Israelites to defeat the Amalekites during the exodus?
A. Aaron
B. Joshua
C. Gideon
D. Hur
5. The announcement of census to be taken during the time of birth of Jesus Christ was made by?
A. Pontius Pilate
B. King Herod
C. Caiphas the high priest
D. Emperor Augustus
6. The two men who left their father in the boat and follow Jesus were?
A. John and James
B. Peter and Andrew
C. Mathew and Philip
D. Nathaniel and Thomas
7. When teaching his disciples about who is greatest. Jesus used?
A. A fish
B. A coin
C. A child
D. A sheep
8. The prophet who was called by God when still very young was
A. Jeremiah
B. Isaiah
C. Joel
D. Ezekiel
9. King David disobeyed God when he
A. Planned for the murder of an innocent person
B. Took Naboth’s Vineyard
C. Marry many foreign wives
D. Killed goliath
10. The twin brother of Esau was called?
A. Isaac
B. Jacob
C. Ishmael
D. Joseph
11. How many brothers did Joseph son of Jacob have?
A. Eleven
B. Twelve
C. Ten
D. Nine
12. When European missionaries arrived in Kenya, they first?
A. Built mission centres
B. Built the railway line
C. Wrote the new bible
D. Took fertile lands from the Africans
13. Who among the following witnessed the dedication of Jesus Christ?
A. Anna and Simeon
B. Simeon and Zachariah
C. Simeon and Mary
D. Elizabeth and Simeon
14. The most loved disciple of Jesus was
A. Simon peter
B. John
C. James
D. Andrew
15. The freeing of Israelites form Egypt is recorded in the book of:
A. Genesis
B. Exodus
C. John
D. Revelation
16. The following practices are common in traditional African Society and Christianity which ones is not?
A. Performing sacrifices
B. Praying near river
C. Reading scripture
D. Wedding
17. Jesus sent two disciples to go and prepare the Passover meal. they were
A. Peter and Andrew
B. John and Andrew
C. John and James
D. Peter and James
18. The sign of covenant between God and Noah was______
A. An earthquake
B. Fire
C. Rainbow
D. Pillar of clouds
19. ._____ is NOT a way of marking new life in Traditional African Society.
A. Marriage B. Baptism C. Initiation D. Birth
20. ‘Faith without actions is dead’ These words were said by ___
A. James B. Solomon
C. Peter D. Paul
21. Who among the following prophet prophesied about drought in the whole world
A. Micah
B. Elijah
C. Jeremiah
D. Abacus
22. The following are characteristics of eternal life except?
A. Believing in God
B. Accepting offerings
C. Working miracles
D. Being just and fair
23. In both Christianity and traditional African societies children are told folk tales mainly to;-
A. Keep them busy
B. Entertain them
C. Teach them moral values
D. Teach them about the past
24. Miriam never wants to share his books with his desk mates. Which value does she lack?
A. Humility
B. Love
C. Kindness
D. Honesty
25. When was the first mission station built at Rabai?
A. 1844
B. 1900
C. 1846
D. 1901
26. Why do Christian bring gift to church during worship?
A. To buy God scriptures
B. Take it to church as an offering
C. Buy food for the orphans
D. Find out who the owner is
27. The birth of John the Baptist was prophesied by prophet?
A. Jeremiah
B. Hosea
C. Isaiah
D. Ezekiel
28. When Jesus healed the a man born blind( john 9:7 ) he sent him to the pool of?
A. Bethsaida
B. Siloam
C. Mara
D. Jordan
29. The main reason for marriage in the traditional African Society was
A. Procreation
B. Companionship
C. Love
D. Commitment
30. Why was Stephen stoned to death?
A. He refused to obey the authorities
B. He looked into heaven
C. He refused to sell his vineyard
D. He refused to deny Jesus


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