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Grade 4 English Language End of Term 3 Exams 2022

Class: Grade 4

Subject: English

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Grade 4 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

TERM 3 2022
(50 MARKS)


1. Write the word as read out by your teacher (5mks)
2. Answer the following questions in your own word? (5mks)
a. What is your favourite food?
(Learner to respond)
b. Where did you eat your favourite food?
c. (Learner to respond)
d. Who cooks food at home?
e. (Learner to respond)
f. How do you help in the kitchen?
(Learner to respond)
g. What is lunch time?
(Learner to respond)
3. Pupil to read the following story aloud (10mks)
The villagers had followed the witch doctor’s advice. Most of them avoided the baby and his parents. The family was left out of the daily activities in the village. The women frequently plaited each other’s hair, but very few of them would touch Mrs Banda’s hair. The men often played bao in the evening, but whenever Mr Banda joined them, they ended the game within a few minutes.
4. Fill in the gaps using the word in the bracket.(gate, ticket, an, A, fee) (5mks)

My day at the Nairobi National park was ___________________interesting one. At the _________________, I paid an entrance _____________of one hundred shillings.__________ warden at the gate gave me a _________________.
5. Fill the gaps (3mks)
1. A person who cuts our hair is called a ________________________
2. A place where we buy and sell items is called a ___________________
3. As brave as a ________________
6. Use the words below to construct simple sentences (3mks)
a. Car

b. Book

c. Mother
7. Complete the following using ‘a’ or ‘the’
a. He gave him _______ packet of chocolate.
b. _______sun rises in the morning.

8. Use the words ‘because of’ or ‘but’ to complete the sentences below (3mks)

1. I am happy _________________my mother’s present for me.
2. We arrived late __________the teacher forgave us.
3. He was punished ________________ stealing.
9. Arrange correctly (4 mks)
a. Old is how Mary?
b. to school I walk every day
c. cooking is my mother
d. happy am i ________________________
10. Read the passage below and answer questions that follow (10mks)
Tools are expensive so we must use them well and take good care of them. Tools can cause accidents if safety rules are not followed. Tools should be maintained properly so that they last longer.
Some ways of taking care of them include sharpening tools like pangas, jembes, and knives for easy use. Some tools require proper usage for what they are made for.
Those that are made of sharp edges require a file. A file is used for sharpening blunt edges. Some tools become worn out due to frequent movement of their parts. Others due to contact with water they rust. To prevent rusting paint is applied.

1. To sharpen a panga one need a ________________________ (1mk)
2. If safety rules are not followed tools can cause __________________________ (1mk)
3. The opposite of the word expensive is ____________________________ (1mk)
4. What causes rusting of tools? (1mk)
5. Why do we maintain tools? (1mk)
6. Name two tools that need to be sharpened. (2mks)
7. Why do we apply paint on tools? (1mk)
8. Some tools become worn out due to__________________________________(2mk)


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