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Form 3 English Paper 2 End of Term 3 Examination 2021

Class: Form 3

Subject: English

Level: High School

Exam Category: Form 3 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

NAME: ……………………………………………………………. ADM No:……………
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Paper 2
TIME: 2 ½ hours

Instructions to Students
(a) Write your name and admission number in the spaces provided.
(b) Sign and write the date of exam in the spaces provided.
(c) Answer all the questions in this paper.
(d) All your answers must be written in the space provided.
(e) Students must answer all questions in English

Check to ascertain that all pages are printed.
1. Read the passage below and then answer the questions that follow.
A lot of students think that learning is only in class. If students use two extra steps, most students will not forget what they learned in class. To achieve effective learning, students needed to follow two extra steps in the three strategic learning processes.
The key to success is by following these three strategies. Review is essential to student success. Unless content is reviewed by students shortly after it is learned, it will soon be forgotten. To avoid forgetting what you learned, it is recommended to review daily.
It is also recommended to reduce large volumes of notes into point form and to paraphrase what you have learned. Other helpful tips include creating concept maps and diagrams; creating fact, concept or vocabulary cards and using visualization to better connect to what you learned. These are all important tools to helping students better understand and memorize lesson content.
The key to achieving academic success cannot be directly correlated to one specific area. Rather it requires students to be overall rounded in many different aspects. This includes attending class regularly to keep pace with the class. Falling behind in studies or homework can be detrimental to academic success and can induce stress onto students. Participating in class activities and discussions are also vital parts of learning and applying concepts learned. On the other hand, taking good, concise notes will always help in the long run when reviewing for tests and exams. To sum it all up, strategic learning is the password for many academic achievements. Being exposed to knowledge is the first step in the journey, the fact that young scholars can learn and be a part of history is a phenomenal step in furthering their search to success. Reviewing notes, in the way the young individual wishes, by him/herself, or with a good friend, this will help him/her to understand what has been learned in a way s/he understands. Lastly practice is a great way to memorize what has been learned, when practice achieves its full potential, the individual won’t only be entitled for a good mark, but also a way to view, understand and think of things. Those three attributes will help scholars become more successful, but it’s important to one as it is to the other, and each and every person should find the learning strategies effectual for him/ herself, and in extremely exceptional occasions even invent or innovate new strategies.

(a) What does the writer fault in the students thinking according to the first paragraph? (2 marks)

(b) Make notes on the three strategies that are key to success. (3marks)

(c) Unless content is reviewed by students shortly after it is learned, it will soon be forgotten Begin: if………) (1 mark)

(d) The key to achieving academic success cannot be directly correlated to one specific area. (1mark) Add a question tag.

(e) Identify and explain the tone of the passage. (3 marks)

(f) How, according to the passage, does practice help memorize what has been learned? (3marks)

(g) Name three helpful tips to success. (3mks

(h) Explain the meaning of the following words and phrases as used in the passage. (4marks)
i) detrimental-
ii) correlated -
iii) effectual-
iv) exceptional-

2. Read the excerpt below and then answer the questions that follow.
There was, however, a dark spot in the whole affair. Women friends from Nasila who had visited her in the past had asked her very intrusive questions regarding her daughters. At that time she dismissed them as busybodies who enjoyed intrusion into other people's affairs. But it now dawned on her that those could be the mothers of her would be sons-in-law. The words they used to describe the status of her daughters came back to haunt her like demented spirits of a past that was better forgotten; IntoiyeNemengalana they had called them contemptuously.
On his part, Parsimei Ole Kaelo sat quietly beside his wife, his mind roaming the distant past in reminiscence. He knew that he had worked his fingers to the bone over the years, preparing for that day when he was no longer going to be employed. He was on his way to opening up his business. Not that he felt any particular excitement or pleasure; he was a man to whom disappointment came more easily and naturally than contentment. And that latter attribute fired his ambition to always strive for the stars. It was characteristic of him that, surrounded by what other men would have considered evidence of a well-earned successful life, he felt nothing but the need to strive even harder to achieve better results.
He had a contentious mind that seemed to question every aspect of his life. Although he was blessed with a shrewd brain and a pugnacious obstinacy that had stood him in good stead in his struggle to rise through the ranks, from a clerk to the coveted position of Commercial Manager of the Agribix Ltd, he still saw only, the greater successes of others. Even on the family front, he felt cheated by nature, for although it had been his prayer to get at least three boys, he had ended up with two girls. But even more obnoxious was the fact that despite all his achievements, it seemed to him that his younger brother, Simiren, who remained in Nasila, had been more appreciated and was considered the cultural head of the Kaelos by the community. That hurt him. But it did not worry him. Since childhood he had been aware, without self-pity, that no one really liked him. That, too, did not bother him since in his mind, to pursue the easy and worthless admiration of others was a sign of weakness of character.
Nature had not, however, been totally inconsiderate. It rewarded him with a gem in the form of his wife-Jane Milanoi. When he first saw her at a church service at Nasila, he was stunned. She was then hardly eighteen. Her body had now ripened to a sensual womanhood completely at odds with her childlike face. She wore her jet black hair in braids that accentuated her wide eyes. Her breasts were full and heavy, her waist slender, her hips wide and seductively curved. And the dress she wore, a simple red frock, fitted well her tall shapely figure. From the moment he saw her, he had been obsessed. And against all odds and despite all efforts, he was still so obsessed twenty-two years later. His marriage to her had been a great success.
His two daughters occupied separate parts of his heart. Taiyo, his eldest, was his pride. When she was born twenty-years earlier, his heart was enthralled. She was the proof of his fatherhood. When his wife got pregnant the second time, he prayed for a healthy baby boy who would carry the Kaelo's name to the next generation. But that was not to be. Against his expectation, and to his utter disappointment, nature had given him another baby girl. From the moment she was born, mute and helpless, he detested her. The very sight of her enraged him. Her arrival and her continued stay in her father's home, remained unwelcome and detested. And right from her cradle, baby Resian instinctively detected the absence of love from her father. She grew up sullen, bewildered and resentful. As a result, her nature was darkened by melancholy. Self-doubt made her awkward and very difficult to deal with. And that made him detest her even more.
(a) Jane Milanoi expects a lot when she gets to Nasila. Highlight these expectations as described just before this excerpt. (4marks)

(b) Discuss three themes evident in the excerpt. (6marks)

(c) Discuss two character traits of Parsimei Ole Kaelo as brought out in the excerpt. (4marks)

(d) Identify and explain two stylistic devices used in the excerpt. (4marks)

(e) Explain what happens immediately after this excerpt. (4marks)

(f) Ole Kaelo seems not to be happy with Resian. From what happens in the excerpt and soon after this excerpt, what causes this resentment? (2marks)

(g) Self-doubt made her awkward and very difficult to deal with. (1marks)
Rewrite by using ‘not easy’

3. Read the song below and then answer the questions that follow.
There is no needle without piercing point
There is no razor without trenchant blade
Death comes to us in many forms
with our feet we walk the goats earth
with our hands we touch God’s sky
Some future day in the heat of noon,
I shall be carried shoulder high
Through the village of the dead
When I die, don’t bury me under forest trees,
I fear their thorns
Bury me under the great shade trees in the market,
I want to hear the drums beating,
I want to feel the dancer’s feet.
(a) With a reason, classify the song above. (2marks)

(b) Why does the singer choose not to be buried under forest trees? (2marks)

(c) Where does the speaker want to be buried? Why? (3marks)

(d) Identify and explain one economic and two social activities evident in the oral song.(6marks)

(e) Explain the meaning of the following word as used in the poem. (1mk)

(f) Identify and explain two features of style from the above poem.(6mks)

(a) Rewrite the following sentences based on the instruction given after each.(2 marks)
(i) He understood why people had been laughing after he realized the ugliness of his headgear. (Rewrite using present participle).

(ii) The President-elect was sworn in only after the Supreme Court had validated the
Presidential result. (Begin: Not until...)

(b). (i) The maid had prepared supper by the time we got home.
(Rewrite to remove gender bias). (1 mark)

(ii) I have been studying in this school for four years complained the student but I
have never scored one hundred per cent in any subject. (Punctuate correctly)(1 mark)

(iii)Chinua Achebe one of Africa’s greatest writers passed on three months ago.
(Rewrite using parenthesis). (1 mark)

(c.) Use the correct form of the word given in the brackets. (3 marks)

(i) Sports persons need to arrive in the camp two days early in order to................................ (climate)

(ii) Pope Francis I took over the ...................................after Pope Benedict XVI resigned. (Pope)

(iii) No single female candidate won the in the just concluded election. (Governor)
(d). Fill the blanks with the most suitable prepositions. (3 marks)
(i) He was sentenced to life imprisonment ..................................................the law.
(ii) Unemployed youth often subscribe ......................................illegal gangs.
(iii) They attended the party casual.

(e). Using the words in brackets, complete the following sentences with the most
appropriate phrasal verbs. (3 marks)
(i) My parents managed to ...........................................high school although with difficulty. (see)

(ii) I was his childish behaviour during the academic parade. (take)

(iii) The new students could not ......................................their way to the dormitory. (make)

(f). His decision was a typical case of putting the cart before the ox.
(Correct the idiomatic expression). (1 mark)


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