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Grade 4 Mathematics End of Term 3 Exams 2022

Class: Grade 4

Subject: Mathematics

Level: Primary School

Exam Category: Grade 4 End Term 3 Exams

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Exam Summary

TERM 3 2022

NAME………………………………………………………………… CLASS………………………….

1. Write in words 5981 (1mk)

2. What is the total of 8 thousand 5 hundred 0 tens 3 ones? (1mk)

3.Work out (1mk)
29 X 6 =

4. Multiply (1mk)

70 x 6 =

5. Work out (1mk)
125 – 85 =

6. What is the next number in the sequence ;

0, 2, 4, 6, 8,___________ (1mk)

7. 19 + _____= 27 (1mk)

8.2.PNG (2mks)

9. What time is shown below, if it is in the morning? (1mk)

10. Kyalo bought 18 hens. He gave an equal number of the hens to his six children. How many hens did each child get? (2mks)

11.Which is the ninth month of the year? _______________ (1mk)

12. Njogu took 4 hours 30 mins to drive from Kericho to Nairobi. He also took 1 hour 20 mins to move to Karatina. How long was the whole journey?

13. How many ½ litre packets are there in 20 litres? (2mks)

14. Convert to centimetres. 1m 5cm (1mk)


16. How many cups will be used to fetch the water from the bucket below? (2mks)

17. 1/4 litres + 1/4 = (1mk)

18. Name the figure (1mk)

19. What fraction of the figure is shaded? (1mk)

20. Between one kilogram of cotton wool and one kilogram of sand, which one is heavier? (1mk)

21. Maina bought three thousand and fifty sacks of maize. He bought eighty seven more sacks. How many sacks of maize did he have? (2mks)

22. Mary had an orange. She shared it equally to her five children. What fraction did each child eat? (2mks)

23. Paul bought 5 books each at 25 shillings. How much did he pay for all the books? (2mks)

24.7.PNG How many triangles are there?

25. Hassan had sh.500.He bought a ball at sh. 270 How much balance did he get? (2mks)

26. Circle the odd numbers only (1mk)
24, 36, 19, 10, 97, 120, 2, 44, 84

27. Arrange the following numbers in ascending order (2mks)
546, 768 ,234, 765, 134, 786, 645

28. What is the total value of digit 8 in this number 48639? (1mk)

29.Add (1mk)

30. _______ ÷ 9 = 7 (1mk)

31. Below are prices of some items. Use it to answer the questions below.
Pencil sh 5
Exercise book sh 25
Ruler sh 17
Sharpener sh 26
a. Ruth bought 2 rulers and a sharpener. How much did she spend?(2mks)

b. Mary bought 3 Exercise books. How much did she give to the shopkeeper? (2mks)

c. Tom bought a ruler and a sharpener. He gave the shopkeeper one hundred shillings note. What balance did the shopkeeper give to Tom? (2mks)

d. What is the cost of all the items in the price list? (2mks)


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