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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on energy

Geothermal power projects in Kenya with examples

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Answer Text:
Geothermal Power Projects in Kenya
Geothermal electricity is generated in areas which experience Vulcanicity where:
-Magma or hot rocks come into contact with percolating water.
-The water is heated beyond its boiling point (superheated).
-The steam escapes through cracks and holes to the surface
-The steam is harnessed using pipes and used to turn turbines that drive electric generators.
-In Kenya areas with the greatest potential for geothermal power are found within the Rift Valley from L. Magadi to L. Turkana on Kenya-Ethiopia border.
-Geothermal power generation is carried out at Olkaria to the south of Naivasha.
It accounts for 10% of the country’s power needs.
Other potential areas are:
-L. Bogoria which has the highest potential with numerous hot springs and geysers by its shores.
-Eburu to the north of L. Naivasha
- Menengai crater region
-Areas around L. Baringo
- Magadi
-South of L.Turkana.
- Between mountains Longonot and Suswa