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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on energy

Development of Hydro-electric power in Kenya

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Answer Text:
Development of HEP in Kenya
-By the dawn of independence there was few industries and hence low demand for electricity.
-Few HEP stations available were set up to supply power for agricultural processing.
-The earliest stations were Mesco on R. Maragua, Ndula on R. Thika and Sagana on R. Sagana.
-The rest of power supply came from diesel plants in Kipevu.
-There was power which was being imported from Uganda which was connected in 1955.
-Demand for electricity increased as more industries were established.
-The country opted to use her water resources to provide electricity and reduce her reliance on power from Uganda.
-R. Tana was identified as the one with the largest potential.
-Seven sites appearing as a cascade were identified along the river where the Seven Forks Scheme was launched.