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 Form 4 Geography online lessons on energy

Hydro-electric power projects in Uganda

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Answer Text:
HEP Projects in Uganda
-It has the largest renewable fresh water resources in E. Africa.
-It is endowed with numerous rivers and lakes with high potential of electricity generation.
-The country receives an average of 1000mm of rain throughout the year.
-R. Nile which flows out of L. Victoria has the highest potential.
-Owen Falls Dam was built on the site in 1954 which is the largest storage dam in East Africa.
-It supplies most of Uganda’s electricity (162MW) and exports 30MW to Kenya.
-The presence of power was a catalyst to industrial development e.g. Njinja town a few metres from the dam became a scene of several industries to use the cheap electricity nearby.
-Kikagat River to the south provides power around Mutukula and Kabale areas in S.W Uganda.
-Mobuku River supplies most of the power used in the copper mines at Kilembe.