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 Form 1 History Lessons: The peoples of Kenya up to the 19th century

The Bantu speakers
The term Bantu refers to group of people who speak the same or similar language with common word “NTU” which means a person. In Uganda, the Bantus include; -Baganda -Banyoro
-Batoro The Bantu-speaking groups include the Luhyia, Kisii, Kuria, Kikuyu, Akamba, Meru, Aembu, Taita, Agiriama, Digo in Kenya and Pokomo. Their original homeland was somewhere between eastern Nigeria and the Cameroon (Congo Basin).
In Tanzania, bantus include;Chagga,Nyamwezi, Sukuma, Kuria, Haya, Yao, Zaramo, among others.

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