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 Form 1 History Lessons: The peoples of Kenya up to the 19th century

The Luo sub-groups.
Their migration into Kenya began in the 15th c. They moved in four distinct groups;
a) Joka-jok-people of jok.Was the first group to enter into Kenya from Uganda.
b) Joka-Owiny. Owiny moved from Uganda to settle in Sogoma in Alego
with his group in the 17th c. This group settled in Kisumu, Nyakach and South Nyanza.
c) Joka-Omolo.They came from northen Banyoro and settled temporarily in Ibanda and Bukoli before moving to Ugenya and Gem.
d) The abasuba. They are bantu in origin but are associated with the Luo. They are a mixture of Bantu refugees from Uganda who intermarried with the Luo. They settled in the Lake Victoria islands of Mfangano and Rusinga and also in gwasi area.

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