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 Form 1 History Lessons: The peoples of Kenya up to the 19th century

The Abakuria community in Kenya
- The origin of the name ‘Kuria’ is a thorny point in the Abakuria history. The major Abakuria sub-tribes such as Abanyabasi, Abatimbaru, Abanyamongo, Abakira, Abairegi and Abagumbe have traditions to the effect that their
ancestor was Mokuria (or Mukuria).
-The Abakuria are related to Abalogoli of Abaluhyia and Abagusii and trace same origin at mt. elgon dispersal point.
-The Abakuria people appear to have sprung from too many directions to have a common historical origin, although a number of clans
claim to have come from Msiri.

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