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 Form 1 History Lessons: The peoples of Kenya up to the 19th century

The Eastern Bantu communities in Kenya
They are divided into Highland or Mt. Kenya Bantu and Coastal Bantu.

Coastal Bantu.
They include the Taita, Pokomo and Mijikenda.
Pokomo. They moved from Shungwaya following river Tana interacting with the Cushites like the Oromo and Somali.
Mijikenda. The name means Nine Clans comprising of the Kauma, Giriama, Duruma, Chonyi, Jibana, Kambe, Ribe, Rabai and Digo. Each of the nine groups settled in their own separate ridge referred to as Kaya fortified with thorny trees. By the 19th, the Mijikenda were established as middlemen during the long distance trade between the Akamba and the coastal Waswahili.

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