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 Form 3 Physics Quantity of Heat Video Questions and Answers

a)Define the term heat capacity.(1mark)
b).You are provided with the apparatus shown in the figure 9 and a stop watch.
Describe an experiment to determine the the specific latent
heat of steam,L,using the set up.In your answer clearly explain the measurements to be made and how these measurements could be used to determine,L. c).A block of metal of mass 150g at #100^0 C# is dropped into a lagged calorimeter of heat capacity 40J/K containing 100g of water at #25^0 C#.The temperature of the resulting mixture is #34^0 C#.(Specific heat
capacity of water =4200J/Kg/K.Determine; i).heat gained by the calorimeter. ii).heat gained by water. iii).heat lost by the metal block. iv).Specific heat capacity of the metal block. (KCSE 2008 paper 1 question 16).

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