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 Form 3 Physics Quantity of Heat Video Questions and Answers

a).Explain why it is advisable to use a pressure cooker for cooking at high altitudes. (2 marks) b).Water of mass 3.0Kg initially at #20^0 C# is heated in an electric kettle rated at 3.0 Kw. The water is heated until it boils at #100^0C#.Given that the specific heat capacity of water =4200 J/Kg/K, heat capacity of the kettle = 450 J/K, specific latent heat of vaporization of water =2.3mJ/Kg.
i).The heat absorbed by the water. (3 Marks)
ii).Heat absorbed by the electric kettle. (2 Marks).
iii).The time taken for the water to boil.(3 Marks).
iv).How much longer it will take to boil away all the water. (3 Marks)

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