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 Form 3 Physics Quantity of Heat Video Questions and Answers

(a) When the temperature of water reaches the boiling point, bubbles rise to the surface.
(i) State what is contained in the bubbles. (1 mark)
(ii) State the reason why bubbles rise to the surface only at the boiling point. (1 mark)
(b) Figure 14 shows a graph of vapor pressure against the temperature of water vapor, in a laboratory where a mercury
barometer indicates a height of 61.8 cm.
Figure 14
(b) (i) Determine the atmospheric pressure in the laboratory in N/m2 (Take g = 10m/s2 and density of mercury = 13600 kg/m3).
(3 marks:
(ii) Use the graph to determine the boiling point of water in the laboratory. (1 mark)
(c) In an experiment to determine the specific heat capacity of a metal, a 100g of the metal was transferred from boiling water to a lagged copper calorimeter containing cold water. The water was stirred and a final steady temperature was realized. The following data was recorded...

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