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 Form 1 Geography Online Lessons on Mining

In this lesson we are going to learn about the problems facing the mining industry in Kenya

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Answer Text:
Problems Facing Mining Industry in Kenya
1. Inadequate capital making Kenya not to benefit from mineral resources because mining is left to multinational companies who pocket all the money to recover mining cost.
2. Areas where mineral deposits are inaccessible due to poor transport and infrastructure which makes prospecting and mining difficult.
3. Insufficient skilled personnel causing dependence on expatriates who are expensive to pay which reduces profits accruing from mining.
4. Most of mining is controlled by foreign companies so most of the mineral revenue ends up to them as salaries and dividends.
5. Occurrence of minerals in very small deposits which are not economically viable.
6. Lack of power supply especially in remote areas with minerals.
7. Land use conflicts which affect mining e.g. in Kwale between Tiomin and the local people due to inadequate compensation.