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 Form 1 Geography Online Lessons on Mining

In this Lesson we are going to learn about the Distribution of Minerals in E. Africa

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Answer Text:
Distribution of Minerals in E. Africa
-Phosphates used in the manufacture of fertilizer-Tororo in Uganda and Majingu Hill in Tanzania.
-Limestone used in cement manufacturing-Hima in N.W Uganda, Tanga in Tanzania, Athi River and Bamburi in Kenya.
-Fluorspar a source of fluorine used in chemical industries-Kerio Valley in Kenya.
-Common salt used for consumption-Kilifi and Magadi in Kenya and L. Kitwe in Uganda.
-Diatomite used in making insulators –Kariandusi near Gilgil and Gicheru in Nyandarua.
-Stones in Machakos, Mutonga and Mbeere.
-Carbon dioxide used in making dry ice and in beer and soft drinks industry-
Esagari in Baringo and Kagwe in Kiambu.
-Diamond used to make ornaments, glass cutters and drills-Mwadui in Tanzania.
-Titanium used in the manufacture of insulators for aircraft- Kwale district.
-Gemstones near Voi and Mwatate.
-Soapstone used for sculpture-Tabaka in Kisii.
-Copper used to make electrical wires and coins-Kilembe in Uganda.
-Gold used to make medals and jewellery and as a basis of world currency-Musoma in Tanzania, Kakamega and Migori in Kenya.
-Coal used in smelting of iron and generation of thermal electricity-in Ruvuma River Basin and Kivira Songwe in Tanzania.