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 Form 1 Geography Online Lessons on Mining

In this lesson we are going to learn about the significance of mining to the Kenya

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Answer Text:
Significance of Minerals/Mining in Kenya
1. Kenya earns foreign exchange from exportation of minerals which is used to import goods and services and fund development projects.
2. Mining is a source of employment to people such as those who work in mines, in cement factories, in transport sector, etc.
3. Mining has led to development of industries by providing raw materials used in those industries e.g. limestone used in cement factories, coal used in iron and steel industries, soda ash used in glass industry, etc.
4. Mining has led to development of transport system to make mining areas accessible e.g. Magadi soda mine is connected to the main Mombasa-Nairobi railway line.
5. Mining has led to development of settlements e.g. Magadi town which originated from the mining of soda ash.
6. Mining is a source of market for goods and services e.g. there are shops and markets, banking and insurance services offered to people working in mines and related industries.
7. Has led to development of social amenities by providing
social facilities such as housing, health, electricity, water and education alongside infrastructure.