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 KCSE History and Government Paper 1 Revision Questions and Answers Set 3

Explain ways in which Seyyid Said promoted trade between the East African Coast and the outside world during the 19th century.

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Answer Text:
-He encouraged foreign traders to trade along the Kenyan coast.
-He signed trade agreements with European countries such as USA to promote foreign trade.
-He invited Indian Banyans to settle along the East African Coast and trade.
-He encouraged several international powers such as Britain, France, Germany to trade with the East African Coast.
-He gave the countries he signed treaties with the right to open offices in Zanzibar.
-He created political stability along the East African Coast which was conducive for international trade.
-He provided security for slave traders hence intensified slave trade between the Kenyan Coast and the outside world.
-He established a well organized long distance trade into the interior of East
Africa which provided commodities for international trade.