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 KCSE History and Government Paper 1 Revision Questions and Answers Set 3

Trace the pattern of the migration of the River-Lake Nilotes.

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Answer Text:
-Originated from Eastern Equatorial and Eastern region of Bahr-el-Ghazal in Sudan.
-They migrated South to Pubungu(Pakwach) in modern Uganda.
-They migrated into Kenya in three groups the Joka-Jok led by Jok, who from Pubungu settled around the Ramogi Hills between 1460 and 1600.
-Sons of Ojok fled across the Winam gulf to form the Karachuonyo and Wanjare clans who settled in Sakwa,Alego and Asembo.
-The Joka Owiny migrated from western Bukorna and settled in Sigoma in Alego.
-The Joka Omolo who came from northern Bunyoro settled temporarily in Lwanda and Bukoli.
-The Joka Omolo then moved to Ugenya and Gem.
-The Abasuba are a mixture of Bantu refugees from Uganda who intermarried with the Luo and settled on the Lake Victoria islands of Mfangano and Rusinga.