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 KCSE History and Government Paper 1 Revision Questions and Answers Set 3

Explain the ways which the colonial government used to acquire labour for settlers in Kenya.

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Answer Text:
-Forced labour where chiefs/headmen were to get able-bodied men to provide labour on settler farms.
-Kipande system where all adult male Africans had to carry identity cards bearing the name of their employer.
-Squatter system where landless Africans were allowed to reside on settler farms with their families permanently and in return they provided labour to their landlords.
-Northey circular of 1918-Sir Edward Northey, the then governor, directed all chiefs to provide a specific
number of labourers per year.
-Reserves were located far away from towns to deprive Africans access to market and transport means even for their agricultural produce.
-Hut tax and poll tax were introduced to force Africans to work as labourers to raise the cash which to pay tax.
-Reserves were restricted in size so that they become overcrowded with time.