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 Form 3 Geography: Statistical Methods online lessons

How to draw pie-charts or divided circles

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Answer Text:
- A circle which has been subdivided into degrees used to represent statistical data where component values have been converted in degrees.
Major countries producing commercial vehicles in the world in 000s
a) Convert components into degrees:
USA #(1800xx360)/(5480)=118.2^0#
FRANCE #(240xx360)/5480=15.8^0#
JAPAN #(2050xx360)/5480=134.7^0#
UK #(400×360)/5480=26.3^0 #
GERMANY #(240×360)/5480=15.8^0 #
RUSSIA #(750×360)/5480=49.3^0#
b) Draw a circle of convenient size using a pair of compasses.
c) From the centre of the circle mark out each calculated angle using a protractor.
d). Shade the sectors differently and provide the key for various shadings