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 Form 3 Geography: Statistical Methods online lessons

Statistical methods:how to draw a .compound or cumulative or divided bar graph.

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Answer Text:
Statistical methods.
-In form 3 , we learn about other methods of presenting data i.e. compound/cumulative bar graphs and pie charts.
1.compound / cumulative/divided bar graph.
-The table below shows Major cash crops exported in Kenya in tonnes.
Steps followed when drawing a cumulative bar graph.
1. Set cumulative totals for the data each year
2. Draw vertical axis(Y) to represent dependent variable
3. Draw horizontal axis(x) to represent independent variable
4. Label both axis using suitable scale
5. Plot the cumulative values for each year
6. Use values for components to subdivide the cumulative bar
7. The subdivisions are placed in descending order with the longest at the bottom(coffee)
8. Shade each component differently
9. Put title and key