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 Form 4 Acids, Bases and Salts Topical Questions and Answers

(a) Study the information in the table below and answer the questions that follow. (the letter do not represent the actual symbols of the elements)
(i) What is the general name to the group in which elements P,Q, and R belong?
(ii) What is meant by ionization energy?
(iii) Explain why element P have the highest ionization energy.
(iv) When a piece of element Q is placed
on water it melts and a hissing sound is produced as it moves on the surface of the water. Explain this observation.
(v) Write an equation for the reaction
between element Q and water.
(b) Distinguish between a strong and a weak base. Give an example of each.
(c) Neutralization is one of the methods of preparing salts.
(i) What is meant by neutralization?
(ii) Describe how you would prepare crystals of sodium nitrate starting with
200#cm^3# of 2M sodium hydroxide.

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